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Atlas of Mystara - Thyatis

by Thorfinn Tait from Threshold Magazine issue 11

Atlas of Mystara

The Atlas of Mystara aims to present a comprehensive set of maps for Mystara, in two flavours: “replica maps”, which faithfully recreate the printed maps as-is; and “updated maps”, which are based on the Atlas’s consistent model of Mystara, and include additions from other sources which include all published products as well as select fan-created works.

This column presents the updated map of Thyatis, current as of March 2016. For changes since publication, visit this article at the Atlas site.

Thyatis, 8 miles per hex

by Thorfinn Tait

The nation of Thyatis is made up of the southeast corner of the western continent and several nearby islands. North are the Altan Tepes mountains, which protect Thyatis from desert winds and raids by the Ylari warriors. West is the thick Dymrak Forest, haven of elves and goblins. South and east is the sea — a shield from foreign ground-troops but a road for Thyatian vessels.

from Dawn of the Emperors Book Two, by Aaron Allston

Map (updated 24th February 2016)

Image: Map of Thyatis by Thorfinn Tait

Caption: Updated map of the Empire of Thyatis (Mainland), 8 miles per hex



The hills in the western Imperial Territories have been changed to mostly forested hills, in line with the changes to Karameikos. Their proximity to tree-loving Vyalia also suggests that they would most likely still be forested.

I also redrew some of the dominion borders to follow the rivers where they were doing so anyway. Rivers tend to form natural borders, and there is no need to conform strictly to the hex grid when these are available.



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Thanks to:

Bruce Heard, Simone Neri (Zendrolion), Fabrizio Paoli (‘Brizio), Andrew Theisen (Cthulhudrew)

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