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Atlas of the Alphatian Sea

The once mighty Alphatian Empire has sunk beneath the ocean, and in its place now sits the Alphatian Sea. Dotted with several hundred isles representing the top of drowned mountains, the Alphatian Sea is rich with pirates and island fortresses.

The Alphatian Sea is also the place to be to search for magical treasures. The ocean floor is littered with thousands upon thousands of magical items from the former Empire, and many adventurers are doing their best to try and acquire them. Several hundred have been found already, and most now reside in the hands of the pirates who then plundered the treasure-seekers. Those who manage to acquire an Alphatian Artifact always find fame and glory with it.

The people of the Alphatian Sea are mostly free citizens, most belonging to the New Alphatian Confederate Empire (annoyingly called NACE by most of the commoners). They are well educated, mainly literate, and boast a larger percent of mages than most of the world. Some are also slaves, which is still legal and acceptable. Slaves are only very rarely able to read or write.

Only a few nations of the area do not belong to the NACE, and although ships from around the world sail here, the Alphatian Sea is territory claimed by the NACE. Still, they have far too few ships to patrol everywhere, hence pirates are able to roam freely and do almost anything they please.

Adventurers come to seek fame for defeating some of the most notorious pirates of the world, while others come in search of sunken treasure. Reputation and glory is more important than anything else, an insults rarely go unchallenged. All in all, it is a swashbuckling place with endless adventures on the high seas. On the Alphatian Sea, fame and glory mean everything!

The Alphatian Sea has one minor continent known as Bellissaria on its southern-eastern margin. This is where most of the NACE forces are concentrated, and the only place where the law is effectively maintained. To the west, Norwold and the Isle of Dawn mark the end of the Alphatian Sea, while the continent of Skothar indicates its eastern limits. The north is bordered only by the glaciers marking the north pole and the entrance to the Hollow World. The southern waters eventually turn into the Sea of Dawn and the Bellissarian Sea.

Correspondents for the Alphatian Sea

Here is our list of correspondent that gives us detailed information on the nations, places, and events of the Alphatian Sea. So far, we have only one, so if there are any other capable writers from the Alphatian Sea area, we'd love to hear from you.

Elidor Murtagh

As the First Mate of the Callista, Elidor's love of sailing marks him as a typical Minrothad sea elf. His love of travel has brought him throughout the Sea of Dread and the Sea of Dawn. Elidor is also an accomplished adventurer, having wandered extensively during his first century or so of life. He has visited the undersea nation of Aquas (although that was in AC 950, just after Seashield's founding). Elidor has also visited the Undersea regions near Minrothad and Ierendi, and has friends among the aquatic elves and merrow (mermen) there.

While people afraid of water are not unusual, Elidor is the first person I've met who is afraid of land. He will never travel more than a day's walk inland, preferring to keep the open sea in sight at all times.

During AC 1015, Elidor visited most of the nations in the New Alphatian Sea and joyously described them for us. Unfortunately, as you will see, we can no longer reprint what he has seen.


It is with great regret that I must inform, you the reader, that we have no correspondences to give to you about the nations of the Alphatian Sea. I'm afraid that the relevant documents were destroyed during the fire at the old Joshuan Gallidox Publishing building.

Of course, this only means that next year we'll have twice as many new things to describe for you, so if you're patient enough, you'll see that we'll do are darn best to make up for this loss.