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Atlas of the Hollow World

We are pleased to introduce to the dear readers a new section of our Mystaran Almanac; the Atlas of the Hollow World. In this chapter, we shall detail the information gathered about the various nations and empires found within the mysterious Hollow World that lies thousands of miles beneath our very feet.

Unfortunately, the Hollow World has just been proven real during the past year, and we therefore do not have very much information regarding the area yet. As mentioned in the chapter on correspondents, we will gladly take any information regarding this strange new world. Even now, we are trying to arrange interviews with the various members of the famous Karameikan Polar Expedition.

For now, we hope that you, the reader, will be satisfied with the description of the Kingdom of Nithia and the Azcan Empire which we have extracted and pieced together, with permission, from various sections of "Claransa's Travels to the Centre of the World." For those of you who are fans of the literature, you will notice that what we have below seems to cannibalise her book. Indeed it does, and we make no apologies for it. The purpose of the Mystaran Almanac is to detail places and events, not Claransa's adventures (a fact that Claransa agrees, and even insists upon). Much of it has been edited out with only the pertinent information regarding Nithia or the Azcans kept. If you would like a real sample of Claransa's writing capabilities or just wish to read about her adventures, her book is available through most book merchants and libraries for the mere price of 10 gold pieces.

Just a reminder to the reader, the directions of East and West are reversed within the Hollow World so that they match those of the surface world. This is important when attempting to figure out the locations of the various nations.

Also, the information provided by Claransa is from almost a decade ago. The editors do not claim responsibility for any facts that are no longer valid due to the changes that have occurred in the past 10 years. More up to date information will be provided in future Almanacs as we receive it.


Azcan Empire

Nithia (Kingdom of)

Timeline for the Hollow World, AC 1013