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Twilight of Apocalypse

by Joaquin Menchaca

Hello. I just wanted to contribute some ideas. Here is an advertisement to a campaign I might be running. I also changed the name. What do people think?

Recent forces have gathered to conquer the realms under the powerful of he whom watches all, none other than the ruthless Vecna, whose very gaze is rumoured to suck the life essence from within you. His new forces of robotic minions ravage the countryside.

The Overlord's legions have tried to capture some of these robotic minions under the request of the Engineers. The technology to create such robotic automatons is far beyond the current technology within the land. Despite this, the Overlord sits ideally behind the awe-inspiring sky shields, forever protecting his vast kingdoms.

Elsewhere in the realm, a new religion is forming. Many people are uniting under this new religion called "The One". It is said that "the one" is a part of everyone as everyone is a part of "The One". Currently all religion is outlawed, as many lives were lost during the "Purification Era" where several races perished due to genocidal campaigns and inquisitions.

The campaign takes place in an alternative timeline of Mystara and Blackmoor campaign. There was a nuclear explosion which caused dramatic affects upon the planet. In this timeline, the harsh energies and the "Great Rain of Fire" were redirected toward the inner planet known as "Hollow World". This affect caused untold damage to the inner planet, now called "Shadow World" and totally decimated the landscape. The inner sun now sheds a slight luminescent glow upon the darkness of this world. Many races still survive including duergar, drow, aboleths, illithid, dwarves, trolls, beastmen, etc. In the outer world, called Mystarros, the Olmec empire gradually gained power over that of Blackmoor. The current civilisation is an advanced Mayan-like civilisation with advancements more in technology than in magic.

Setting: Mystarros and Shadow World (alternative timeline Mystara and Hollow World)
Religion: Cult of the One, Templars of Vecna, Meso-American and Native-American religions
System: AD&D 2nd Edition with various supplements and handbooks, or GURPs.
Levels: 1st to 5th
Notes: Some ideas borrowed from Greyhawk, Darksun, and Forgotten Realms. Inspiration from people and Doctor Who also used.