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History of Arachne

by Colin Davidson

Arachne was a seat of the ancient Thanegioth civilisation, similar in most respects to the culture who built the Great Wall on the Isle of Dread. After flourishing for many centuries, explorers brought from the other isles Aranea, Rakasta and Phanatons; Arena as companions, great wizards who could add to their way of life on the island, and the Rakasta and Phanatons as servants, farmers of the jungle and warriors. They also brought with them holy texts found on the other islands from an ancient, almost forgotten religion, the way of the Eye, or the way of Arik.

Aranea quickly became powerful in the way of Arik, and within two short generations they became the masters, the shaman leaders of the island, with humans and phanatons to do their bidding, and rakasta warriors trained to defend the island. By sacrificing to their almost forgotten immortal, they became more powerful and larger, but such sacrifices come with a cost; for these Aranea (now the Taranteans) that cost was an eternal vow of silence in their obedience of Arik.

They sought to bring Arik back from his prison plane, learning the secrets of the outer beings with whom Arik had sided in a war against the immortals. Their explorers travelled far and wide to seek the knowledge of other ancient beings, reaching as far as Oceania, Hule and Cynidicea. Eventually they had enough materials and knowledge to create an eye of Arik, and brought that terrible curse to the land (see module B3).

The humans on the island were amongst the first to die, along with man of the phanatons in the city of Hearts. The Taranteans quickly consolidated their hold on the island and the remaining phanatons, weaving thick webs over the whole city to hide their wicked plans. It is assumed that none of the Rakasta survived, but no reports of their deaths have come to light; it is possible that some may have survived and even prospered in the dense jungle covering the island outside of Heart.

To this day, Taranteans work within the aura of the Eye of Arik to plot the return of He of Many Eyes.