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Nightmare Megalith

by Travis Henry

Tru, also known as Aratsym, is a Chaotic Good male Nightmare megalith, which is the largest known life form in the Nightmare Dimension. He is of the "hollow" sub-race. Unlike their Normal counterparts, Nightmare megaliths are any shape but round - Tru being cubical. He can communicate by not-so-subtle manipulations of the surface of his mantle - known as "earthquakes". The only mortals able to understand this "earthquake speech" are "Truids", and even they do not fully understand the process or its implications. Nightmare Immortals, augmented by magical aids such as telepathy, can establish two-way communication with him. The exposed edges of his mantle are covered with a very thin (relative to his entire size) accumulation of material which has leaked from Negative-elemental vortices that tend to open near, and sometimes inside, his body. These vortices are present because Tru's Nightmare-Prime Planar position is in alignment with four extraplanar Nightmare-Elemental planets (one each of Reekwind, Bitterflow, Blackflame, and Fallowrock). The vegetation and foodstuffs which grow on Tru's surface are mostly poisonous to creatures from the normal Multiverse Dimension. Only plants and animals which are poisonous to the Nightmare natives are edible to Normal creatures.

Source: Adapted from "DM's Guide to Immortals", p43