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Wynter's Scrolls of Arcane Lore

by Jim Bobb

Erlist'ath-rath'thro is elven for 'Wynter's Scrolls of Arcane Lore'. Over the 6 centuries of his life, Arminath has created many useful (to him) spells and discovered a few lost things along the way. Wynter's Scrolls is a silver-bound tome 10"x1' and 1' thick. Engraved on the cover is a stylised dragon, inlaid with electrum highlights. On the inner cover is Wynter's symbol, a starburst inside a circle, with the elvish symbol for H in the middle of it all. Each of the yellowed, vellum sheets has 1 spell to a page, with many scribbled notes in the margins. Wynter has many spellbooks, but this one is his master book of his spell research, and as such has all his unique knowledge.

Wynter's Cold Blast

Level: 2 (Magic-user)
Range: 0
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: Creates a freezing bolt, 20' long x 5' wide.
This spell creates a freezing blast of cold energy that explodes from the caster's hand and leaps outward to a maximum range of 20'. Creatures in the area of effect suffer 1d4 points of damage per level of the caster. Creatures of Fire (Elementals, Lava Lizards, Red Dragons, etc.) suffer double damage, while cold creatures (Frost Salamanders, White Dragons, etc.) are immune to this spell.
Each creature in the spell's area of effect may make a Saving Throw versus Spells; if successful, he takes only half damage.

Wynter's Elemental Missiles

Level: 2 (Magic-user)
Range: 150'
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Creates 1 or more missiles of elemental material.
Elemental Missiles is a variant of the Magic Missile spell. Because of its elemental nature, it is slightly more difficult to cast. The caster must have some of the element the missiles are to be of (a breath of air, a few drops of water, some dirt or rock or a small flame) when he casts the spell. All of the missiles (if the caster is powerful enough to gain multiple missiles) will be of the same element.
Damage of the missiles is 1d4+1. If the missile is of a dominant element (RC p264) it inflicts double damage. Against opposing elements the damage is as normal and against dominant elemental opponents, the missiles do minimum damage.

Wynter's Protection from Sunlight

Level: 3 (Magic-user)
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day (24 hours)
Effect: Protects 1 creature from natural sunlight.
Magic-users casting Protection from Sunlight prevent all harmful and beneficial effects from the sun's radiance from affecting the creature protected. Sunlight-sensitive creatures (such as goblins, vampires and shadow elves) suffer no ill effects from being out in daylight while protected, but neither do they receive the warmth and radiation of the sun (such as the kind plant and plant-monsters need). The reflected heat of other objects keeps the protected creature from freezing in the day, but the creature still feels the chill of not having the sun's rays affecting him. Protected creatures appear shadowed while in sunlight (but not in artificial light).

Wynter's Blazing Sword

Level: 3 (Magic-user)
Range: 0 (Caster)
Duration: 1 turn / level
Effect: Summons a flaming sword into the caster's hand.
This spell summons a flaming sword into one of the caster's hands. The caster can fight with it or give it to another creature, but can not summon more than 1 Blazing Sword at any given time. The Blazing Sword is a +1 weapon (to hit and damage) and inflicts 4d4 points with each strike.
Additionally, the Sword makes it's wielder immune to normal fire and grants a +1 bonus to Saving Throws that involve magical fire.

Wynter's Damage Cloak

Level: 4 (Magic-user)
Range: 0 (Caster)
Duration: 1 round / level
Effect: Creates an aura that absorbs physical damage.
This spell covers the caster with a shimmering aura that prevents the caster from taking damage from physical attacks. The caster is protected from 7d4 points of damage, so long as it is physical. Thus the spell will prevent damage from swords, claws and spells that physically damage the caster, but will not stop life draining attacks, aging, purely magical damage, poisons and attacks on the caster's life force.

Wynter's Minor Spell Immunity

Level: 4 (Magic-user)
Duration: 1 round / level
Effect: Protects the caster from spells.
This spell creates a 1-inch thick green shell around the caster that protects him from the effects of low level spells, whether they are harmful or beneficial in nature. The caster is immune to the effects of all 1st and 2nd level spells and reduces by half (round in favour of the protected creature) the effects of 3rd level spells, both clerical and magical. The caster's own spells are unaffected by the shell and he can, by concentration, will the shell down for 1 round at a time to receive spells from others (like magical healing). At the end of the round, the shell automatically springs back up again.

Wynter's Starlight Blade

Level: 6 (Magic-user)
Duration: 1 turn / level
Effect: Enhances 1 weapon against the undead.
When cast upon a weapon, Starlight Blade enhances its abilities against undead creatures of all types. The weapon immediately begins to glow with a silvery radiance equal in intensity to full moonlight extending to a 20' radius and with each stroke leaves a trail of white sparkles, like stars in the night sky. Any undead creature struck suffers an additional 1d6+1 points of damage and must make a Saving Throw versus Spells or be Turned as if by a 6th level Cleric. If the attack roll misses by 3 or less, the undead is still in the area of the star trail and must Save as stated or be Turned.
Contrary to this spell's name, Starlight Blade works equally well on any type of weapon.