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Night's Dark Terror

by Jeff Daly

1) Description - A physical description of the object,

2) Details - Those items which may be learned from significant research and analysis magic. It is NOT stuff that will be commonly known, but a DM may hand out the info at his own discretion. Sometimes it will be handed out as a result of a skill a character has (arcane lore, history) and other times it will come out as a result of time spent searching for the details. Any effort on the part of the PCs should be rewarded, but the timing and the amount of information rewarded is completely up to the DM.

? Pyotr's Sword
Description - An old beat up broadsword, with nicks and scratches all along the length. The blade is wholly unremarkable except for the fact that it is so worn, and yet useable. The hilt is plain, the bindings fraying a bit here and there.
Details - Pyotr loves to tell the story of how his father gave a traveller a warm, dry bed on a cold day in the Fall. The traveller turned out to be a priest of Halav, who blessed his father's sword where it hung over the mantle and rubbed special oil into the blade.

? Pyotr's Arrows
Description - 17 finely fletched arrows. While the material is poor, the workmanship is excellent. The heads are a kind of steel, with silvery sparkles showing beneath the sheen.
Details - The day before he died, Novannes the smith made these arrows out of the only material at hand: a few rocks found along the riverbed by his wife. Unfortunately, the arrows were not enough to save his life when he was struck down by goblins.

? Gnhass' Red-blade Battle Axe
Description - This battle axe has been completely coated in red paint. Were the paint to be removed, fine sigils would be seen along the haft.
Details - The sigils hearken to the story of Halav and the Serpent Warrior, an obscure heroic tale known only to a few old Traldaran story-singers. Basically, the read something like, "For the love of his people, he clove the serpent." The axe itself, was made centuries after Halav's time, when the stories were being told and young men listened intently. The axe was commissioned by one of these young men, to fight against the invasion of Thyatis. To his disappointment, the glorious battles never quite happened the way he wanted them to.

? Fyodorll's Chainmail
Description - A bluesteel chainmail that shines dully.
Details - Fyodorrl is an elven renegade from Vyalia. She slew her husband over some meaningless quarrel, and fled with his suit of chainmail. The working of the armour is elven, one of many made for the betterment of the clan.

? Vlack's Two-Handed Sword
Description - A massive blade, with a garnet in the hilt.
Details - The barbarian devotee of Thor, Rodigard Thelfson, made a name for himself in the Soderfjord Jarldoms. He travelled from camp to camp, petty warlord to petty warlord, respecting his own law and dispensing his own justice wherever he went. The valkyries eventually came for him, in the midst of an enormous battle with gnolls. The blade passed hands from humanoid to adventurer, until it ended up among the hobgoblins of Karameikos.

? Ancient Hutaakan Mace
Description - A mace, long and heavy, with jewels running the length of its handle, and a few gems embedded in the head. The handle is made of wood, but the head is bronze.
Details - An old Hutaakan necromancer made this mace for a favoured servant. The servant's job was to subdue any creations that ran wild, and so the mace was a very appropriate gift.

? Elven Short Sword
Description - A keen, blade with faint runes on the pommel of the hilt.
Details - Forged with the purpose of defeating the evil mage, who hit the Petrified Forest with a magical blight many centuries ago, this sword is courtesy of the Eastern Vyalian elves of Thyatis. There were about 100 forged for the battle, most were lost.

? Shield of Kloss
Description - A kite shield, whose excellent workmanship is belied by the crude depiction of a wolf skull.
Details - This shield was wielded by a knight of Kelvin, Baik Talor, who received the shield as a gift from his parents. He left it behind on an adventure to Alfheim from which he has never returned. His parents gave the shield to an adventurer, in the hopes that he would be able to use it to find Baik. The adventurer died at the hands of the goblins.

? Arthol's Sword
Description - While not having rich trappings, this sword is well oiled and sharp. It is obviously a sword of quality workmanship. A small blue hammer sigil can be seen on the hilt.
Details - This is a blade that the Patriarch of Threshold had made for officers of the town.

? Gragszt's Battle Axe
Description - An iron battle axe, unremarkable.
Details - Forged by local dwarves long ago as a present to an ancient, forgotten king of Traladara, the iron is considered far superior to the soft bronze the humans were used to.

? Hutaakan Armour
Description - Heavily decorated armour with scrollwork and sigils. The metal making up the armour is orange, but does not have the same texture as rust.
Details - While oddly shaped, the armour may be worn by normal adventurers.