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What the archaeologists have dug up

by Steven B Wilson

Possible interpretation of broken tablet series 641:

"And it came to pass in the days of Traldar, there was a large stone brought unto him with engravings on it; and he did interpret the engravings by the gift and power of the Eyes."
"And they gave an account of one Tumur, and the slain of his people. And Tumur was discovered by the Hutaakans; and he dwelt with them for the space of nine moons."
"It also spake a few words concerning his fathers; And his first parents came out from the lands of the Taymora at the time the Immortals confounded the lands of the people; and the severity of the Immortals fell upon them according to their judgments which are just; and their bones lay scattered in the land southward."

Portion of an ancient journal (authenticity unknown) of an unnamed personage as recovered by adventurers in the Cruth Lowlands:

"Being grieved for the afflictions of my people, I caused that forty and three of my people should take a journey into the wilderness, that thereby they might find the land of Nithia, they we might appeal unto our brethren to deliver us..."
And they were lost in the wilderness for the space of many days, yet they were diligent, and found not the land of Nithia but returned to this land, having travelled in a land among many waters, having discovered a land which was covered with bones of men, and of beasts, and was also covered with ruins of buildings of every kind, having discovered a land which had been peopled with a people who were as numerous as the hosts of the..."
And for a testimony that the things they had said are true they have brought twenty-four plates which are filled with engravings..."
"And behold, also, they have brought breastplates, which are large, and they are of brass and of copper, and are perfectly sound."
"And again, they have brought swords, the hilts thereof have perished, and the blades thereof were cankered with rust; and there is no one in the land that is able to interpret the language or the engravings that are on the plates."
"...I am desirous that these records should be translated into our language; for, perhaps, they will give us a knowledge of a remnant of the people who have been destroyed, from whence these records came; or, perhaps, they will give us a knowledge of this very people who have been destroyed; and I am desirous to know the cause of their destruction."