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Thoughts about the Archons of Bettellyn

by John Calvin

The thing that I really like about this development in Bettellyn is that the story of the Archons can be used for different purposes - from standard mortal level campaigns all the way to Immortal level campaigns.

Some quick thoughts about who or what they could be:

1) A New Breed of Immortals - it's possible that the archons are actually a new breed of Immortals. In this case the original archons would have quested for Immortality just like any other candidate, however because of their (already favored/divine) status, once they achieve Immortality, they end up essentially creating their own Sphere of Power.

2) Radiance Immortals - since one of the archons (Samarion) seems to know about the NoS, it is possible that all six/seven of them used it to attain immortality, essentially making them Radiance Immortals (like Rad and Rafiel). It is possible that Samarion is actually an alternate identity of one of those two immortals. In this case Ixion may be right, and the archons may be working against Alphatia from within - or they may be working to supplant normal magecraft with radiomancers.

3) Old One Plot - this scenario has the feeling of an Old One plot to it for some reason. The fact that other Immortals can't find out any information about the archons might suggest that the archons are way more powerful than other immortals. What the Old Ones actually want from Bettellyn still remains a mystery.

4) Some Other Power - and I do mean Other. Outer Beings broken free from their prison might fit the bill here. The Egg of Coot could be another candidate. In either case, this could be part of a greater plot to overthrow the rule of the Immortals in the Multiverse.

I really love the idea of providing threats to the Immortals, and having those threats be able to manifest in the prime material in some way or fashion.