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Arican adventures

by Steven B Wilson

Now that I had Arica somewhat fleshed out - I wanted to use it. My problem was this: My characters were nowhere near the area and I couldn't think of a good way to get them there. So I cheated. :) Anyway, here are the adventures my characters went through in the distant land of Arica:

1) The characters appear in an Arican village through some kind of dimensional warp (my cheat)

2) There is a battle going on - the villagers are trying to defend themselves against a gnoll attack led by a huge gnoll (actually a Bokor). The characters help win the battle, but the gnoll leader flees.

3) The village holds a feast for the PCs where they are told stories about the land and the recent attacks by the usually quiet gnolls. The next day the local Zande Witch Woman shows up. The villagers relate the events of the previous day and of the strange appearance of the PCs. The Witch mumbles something about a Bokor and tells them that she doesn't know how they can get home, but the Eldest might. She sends them to a nearby zebrataur (Dragon #202 pg 50) village where they can get a ride to the coast where the Eldest lives.

4) The zebrataurs will help the PCs in return for a service. The leader wants a magical staff from a giant cube fortress (A Role-aide adventure "A Question of Gravity" - an all around excellent adventure)

5) They travel several days to the coast on zebrataur-back

6) They meet the Eldest (a turtle-dragon). He doesn't know how to solve the PCs problem - so he send them to his friend Ananzi, who would know more about that kind of thing.

7) A trip to the mountains finds Ananzi (a planar-spider) in a small cave. He listens to their story and tells them their being here is connected to a Bokor. That Bokor must be destroyed before they can go home.

8) Travel back to the starting village. Zebrataurs take their leave and the Zande Witch Woman accompanies the PCs to the Bokor abode. (I used the old AD&D module "Secret of Bone Hill" using Telvar the Mage stats for the Bokor)

9) When the Bokor is killed he becomes a wraith and retreats to room BK

10) Upon the wraith's "death" a portal opens leading to the PC's home

So that is how my characters adventured in a far-away land. They don't really even know where they were, but oh well....maybe later they can go back and find out what has happened since the WotI. Needless to say, the above is a VERY light sketch of what happened. I didn't give all the details would take too long. ;)