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Arik Has Escaped!

by Jimmy Rowe

Well my pc's failed miserably whilst trying to free Haven from the evil that has befallen it. Harpies attacked the party and most pc's failed their saving throws and we're charmed. The few who stayed in control of their senses fought valiantly but all perished. Seeing as the party were magically transported there by Thendara I had the immortal teleport the prone characters out before they were slain and prevented a TPK. Obviously this meant the evil cleric Catherandamus managed to finish the ceremony to free Arik.

So has anybody else had the same happen in their campaign and if so what were the consequences in your fantasy world?

So I've been brainstorming trying to come up with a new campaign arc since my previous ideas are now moot since the failure to complete B3. I've decided that Arik has not been freed completely, more escaped from his cell but not the prison so to speak. Haven is now stuck on the prime material plane and Arik will rule his domain from the Palace but he is still trapped in this pocket realm and cannot move beyond the borders of the sinister red glow that permeates the whole of Haven.

Thanks for the ideas.

To be honest I don't need to delve too deeply into any back story about Arik. Knowing he's some evil dude who was imprisoned and is now on the loose is enough to satisfy my players

I have decided that any creatures of chaotic nature who travel within 8 miles of Haven's borders are instinctively drawn towards the land. Any creature now entering the Palace must make a saving throw versus magic. Chaotic creatures failing the save become devout, mad cultist followers of Arik. Any Neutrals or Lawful failing a save are driven insane.

At the moment I'm thinking of having it unfold like this for the first few weeks -


Upon hearing the fate of Haven from the PC’s Baron Sherlane of Threshold decides he should send an immediate report to the Duke. He sends his niece Alina to report directly to the Duke with information of a faerie realm within the borders of Karameikos that has reportedly been taken over by a powerful, evil, Immortal like being known as Arik. On her journey back she reports the same information the Baron Kelvin. Alina hires Cardia to hasten the journey with her magic carpet.

The journey South takes three days. Upon hearing the news The Duke calls together scholars and members of the priesthoods to find out any information on Haven and Arik. The Duchess starts using her contacts to gather any info they can.

Three days later Alina reports to Baron Kelvin and then returns to Threshold the next day.

Over the second week around a hundred refugees from Haven arrive in Penhalligan and Rugalov Village respectively.


Over the first week Arik (via Catharandamus) starts to organise his as yet meagre forces. Acolytes of Arik are sent out into the area around Haven and within the first two weeks they assimilate their first humanoid tribe to their banner, the Nyy-Akk Orcs. Their leader does not succumb to the charm force but most of his tribe does, including all the shaman who convert on mass to worship Arik! Not wanting to lose his power he wisely assumes Vassal status in the new regime. After two weeks the dragon Argos is drawn to Haven by the power of Arik but does not succumb to his charm force. However Argos can easily see sense the great power of this new chaotic rival and is rightfully fearful of this new threat.


The Cult of Leptar is currently in a mutually beneficial relationship with Baron Von Hendricks via the Iron Ring, but they ultimately intend setting up their own Dark Theocracy and will turn on the Baron if and when needed. One of their agents in Threshold overhears a drunken Duchess (an npc who was rescued from Haven along with the pc's) mumbling about a great evil unleashed in ‘Haven’, a land that supposedly lies in the hilly woodlands of the Dymrak Forest. He reports this to his superior, Anton Turino (a minor nemesis of my players), who in turn informs Elwyn the Ardent.

I'm toying with the idea of having the followers of Arik and Leptar coming to some kind of mutual agreement on splitting the Grand Duchy into two halves, with the followers of Leptar trying to establish a 'Dark Theocracy' in Eastern Karameikos and Arik attempting to claim the West of the Dukedom.

This might not fit in well with non-cannon info about the Dark-Triad but seeing as my campaign so far has revolved solely around the Iron Ring or Leptar I don't see the need to have the other two 'Dark Triad' Immortals involved - infact I'm thinking of perhaps having a 'Dark Triad' consisting of Arik, The Iron Ring and Argos the Dragon.

All these are just ideas at the moment that I haven't developed any further.