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Armstead suggestions

by Jesper Andersen

You asked for suggestions for Armstead, so here goes. Use them or not - as you like

The girl in the lake
Many years ago a girl drowned in the local lake. Everyone thought it was an accident, she was actually murdered by a man in the village. Her soul is trapped in Limbo and she is not strong enough to return as an actual undead, but every year on the day of her death her image can be seen in the cold waters of the lake, scaring the villagers. The murderer still lives in the village, always fearful that his dark secret will somehow be revealed.

The reclusive author
A famous author has settled in Armstead, hoping for some peace and quiet to finish his latest work. He lives incognito and is a little paranoid, so if the PC's appear to be asking questions (about anything) he immediately suspects that they are fans come to pester him. This could lead to a potentially very confusing but essentially harmless encounter.

The blackmailer
On the outskirts of the village lives a lonely sort of man, who raises pigeons (for message-carrying as well as eating). Actually, he once was a merchant who came into possession of some papers incriminating a high-ranking member of House Linton. Instead of taking the matter to the law or the DDC, he tried to blackmail House Linton. Naturally, the plan backfired and they almost killed him. Now he lives in hiding and in constant terror of being discovered by agents of House Linton. As a precaution, he has readied 10 carrier pigeons with messages explaining how and where a person might find where he hid the incriminating documents, before he fled to eastern Darokin. At the first sign of trouble he will release the pigeons, some of them going to people he hopes will be able to act on the information. If the PC's enjoy hunting with birds of prey, they just might catch a pigeon that could lead them to a dead extortionist and a whole lot of trouble