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Aranea Bloodline

by Damon Brown

For those who don't have UA, this basically means a character has a "bloodline" (either magical or genetic) from some kind of magical creature whereby traits are passed down. The level of the bloodline can be minor, intermediate, or major. In return for these special traits, a character has to sacrifice 1-3 character levels (depending on the level of bloodline). The exact details of this concept are a little bit beyond the scope of this e-mail, but they are explained very well in UA.

Anyway, I've only listed the major bloodline traits - the minor & intermediate traits can easily be extrapolated by those who are familiar with the concept. Of course, questions and comments are welcome... although I would imagine that the number of people with UA might be a bit low.


Level Trait
1st +2 on Climb checks
2nd Iron Will
3rd Charisma +1
4th Web 1/day (Sp)
5th Affinity +2
6th Low-light vision
7th +2 on Jump checks
8th Improved Initiative
9th Dexterity +1
10th Spider Climb 1/day (Sp)
11th Affinity +4
12th +1 to natural armour
13th +2 on Spot checks
14th Charm Person 1/day (Sp)
15th Intelligence +1
16th Darkvision
17th Affinity +6
18th Poison 1/day (Sp)
19th +2 on Concentration checks
20th Polymorph 1/day (Sp)*

* Character must choose 1 unique S or M Humanoid form (essentially a 2nd identity)