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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patroness of Independent Women and Liberty, Patroness of Travel and Messengers

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 7th (Temporal), NG, Thought
Symbol: a spear crossed with a battleaxe
Portfolio: independent women, liberty, adventure, travel, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, cleverness, messengers
Worshipped in: Isle of Dawn (Dunadale, Helskir, Westrourke), Known World (Northern Reaches), Norwold, Ochalea
Appearance: a muscular and very robust human woman, 1.80m tall and over fifty years old, with a pair of amazing light blue eyes and a head of long brown hair that falls down to the armour of shining bronze she wears. She has a bellicose and determined aspect, and is always armed and ready to engage in battle.
History: originally from the northern region in the Isle of Dawn, lived around the V century BC. Daughter of wealthy parents, choosing the uncertain life of an adventurer rather than lead a secure and boring existence. Arnelee was thus one of a group of loyal and friendly companions, sealing a sincere and lasting friendship. Despite the many proposals of marriage received, Arnelee has never married, refusing to tie herself perpetually to an individual or to a site, such was her wish of liberty and the desire of travelling. In the course of her adventures in the wild northern lands, Arnelee encountered an Immortal in disguise, who was solving different secrets of the Multiverse. This meeting struck her imagination and it gave her a new reason for life: the search of Immortality. Trying to travel the path of the Epic Hero, her first petition to gain an Immortal patron was refused, but she didnít give up and tried a second time: impressed by her tenacity, Odin finally agreed to help her in her journey. Therefore Arnelee left on her quest of the Gloves of the Demon, that permanently transforms those that wear them in a demon to the service of Entropy. After various vicissitudes between the Northern Reaches and the Dawn, at the end she found it in the possession of an evil ogre the head of a horde of humanoids in the Dust Reaches (present day Westrourke) and after having defeating him, travelling until the Arc of Fire in Norwold, where throw the artefacts among the flames of a volcano for destroying them utterly. Afterwards she looked first in Alphatia and then in Ochalea for recovering the Tome of Gambia, a magical book that contains all human knowledge in a single volume, which she recovered from the hands of an avid Ochalean cleric intending to destroy it in an act of wickedness. As her successor she therefore chose a young Ochalean girl, similar to her in many respects. She demonstrated an innate talent in the use of the blade and was immediately welcomed in the group as an equal, despite the companions of Arnelee were very depressed by the news of her farewell. Arnelee then forged a new sword with the power of cancelling each type of attack to energy that touches it. Her final trail was to compute all the grains of sand of the seven isles in the port of her birth city. Arnelee succeeded with the help of a clever equation of her invention that cleverly corresponded the number of the grains to the weight of the sand. The test took 10 years, but when it was completed in 456 BC Arnelee was allowed to become Immortal. Presently she is worshipped as Gna (messenger of the Asinye) with the northmen, with the name of Han Li (keeper of sincerity and loyalty) with the Ochalean, and also has a large following among her descendents in Westrourke and Dunadale.
Personality: Arnelee is often so impulsive it makes her surly, and she usually alienates those that donít know her well because of her stubborn and unwarlike temperament. Loyal with her allies, the life she followed has made her cautious before judging situations or persons, therefore allowing her to be tolerant of other peopleís actions as long as they donít interfere with her plans. She is a good friend of Freyja as well as Odin, who welcomed her among the Asinye in the northman pantheon, and has found a worthy adventuring companion in Nob Nar, who shares her passions.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Odin]
Allies: Odin, Freyja, Nob Nar
Enemies: none
Alignment of followers: any; the clerics can only be of the female sex
Favourite weapon: short spear (allowed the bastard sword, battle axe and any thrown weapons)
Clericsí skills and powers: +1 bonus to ST versus mind influencing effects (illusions, charms, fear, etc.), free Fighting Instinct skill
Paladinsí skills and powers: free Courage general skill
Domains: Thought, Good, Travel, Courage
Preferred weapon: half spear
Source: IM2