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Thought I'd do this as a tongue-in-cheek joke:

Arrh (Immortal Patron of Piracy)

by Andrew Theisen

Sphere: Time
Alignment: Chaotic (Followers may be any alignment, though most are Chaotic).
Rank: Celestial

Description: Arrh appears as a grizzled, skeletal pirate. His right hand ends in a hook; his left leg ending in a peg leg. His skull face has long grey hair and a beard, and a patch over his left eye. His tricorner hat covers his bald head. He dresses outrageously, in bright jackets and trousers, with a constantly clashing belt. His familiar, a purple parrot named Avast, usually sits on Arrh's shoulder.

Personality: Arrh is an absolute hedonist. He is invariably found in some tavern or other in the city of Pandius, fabulously drunk. He is a pleasant drunk, though- his friendly nature has earned him the nickname of the "Jolly Arrh" (which, incidentally, is what mortal pirates call the flag bearing his symbol.) On the rare occasions in which he sobers up, Arrh has been known to gather the souls of the most successful pirates of Mystaran history to crew his ship, the "Shiver Me Timbers", and embark upon one of his legendary raiding journeys into the depths of the Outer Planes. He is mostly regarded as little more than a nuisance by the more powerful Immortals, who have to contend with the complaints from their subordinates when Arrh raids their home planes. He is good friends with Korotiku, who is fond of pirates, and the two are often seen in common company. The Immortal Faunus is a drinking buddy.

Philosophy: One word: Piracy. Getting by at the expense of others, and indulging one's whims to the fullest extent possible. Arrh's interests are very narrow, but almost all pirates in the outer and hollow worlds of Mystara venerate him to one extent or another.

Symbol: A grinning one-eyed skull atop a pair of crosses cutlasses on a black field.