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Artists for the Atlas

Here is our list of artists whose creations you can see in the almanac:

Alle Handro

We here at Gallidox Publishing would like to announce the acquisition of the services of Alle Handro, formerly of Aasla. Living here in Karameikos while performing some artistic renderings for the School of Magecraft, Alle has graciously offered his artistic skills in visually enhancing the accounts and locales described in our publication.

Brendan Corliss

The successful Darokinian businessman, Brendan Corliss, author of the Corliss Guide series, has given us authorisation to reproduce the coats of arms of some Norwold dominions.

Christina Marie Alanira

The Queen of Alpha gracefully offered us to use portraits she drew of various lords, heroes and villains of Norwold who occasionally visit her at the court in Alpha.

Greydon Ilvandar

Ten years ago he was orphaned at the age of nine, during one of Baron Ludwig von Hendriks's orc-led raiding parties. At an orphanage he showed promise in drawing and was brought to Mirros. There he was taken in and apprenticed to Lord Alexius Korrigan in cartography. Greydon grew bored and eventually convinced Lord Korrigan to allow him to begin a volume depicting the different races. He has begun over the last two years to venture further away from Karameikos to seek out more sources for his drawings. He was very pleased to have been asked to contribute and hopes that maybe someone will see his work and fund him to continue his travels abroad.

Jalinoor Cerrulian

Jalinoor Cerrulian is an Alphatian artist who dabbles in chronomancy... or perhaps he's a chronomancer who dabbles in paint and canvas. Either way it boggles the mind. Cerrulian's powers are at the disposal of Gallidox Publishing, and he is quite capable (and most enthusiastic) of being able to illustrate any event that is worth illustrating. "Any place, any time."-his motto.


Kholep is a Thothian artist. The Thothian style is easily recognised.


Various artists, like some correspondents, prefer to remain anonymous. Rumours have it at Joshuan Gallidox that one artist would be an imp that has a special skill of painting little pictures really fast, but this might be a joke that we dare not pass onto you, revered readers.