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Artists for the Adventures

Here is our list of artists whose creations you can see in the almanac:

Jalinoor Cerrulian

Jalinoor Cerrulian is an Alphatian artist who dabbles in chronomancy... or perhaps he's a chronomancer who dabbles in paint and canvas. Either way it boggles the mind. Cerrulian's powers are at the disposal of Gallidox Publishing, and he is quite capable (and most enthusiastic) of being able to illustrate any event that is worth illustrating. "Any place, any time."-his motto.


Various artists, like some correspondents, prefer to remain anonymous. Rumours have it at Joshuan Gallidox that one artist would be an imp that has a special skill of painting little pictures really fast, but this might be a joke that we dare not pass onto you, revered readers.