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The Crypt of Asur the Mighty

by Sean Meaney

Background: Asur is a powerful wizard who vanished with the horde of three Dragons he was known to have defeated. Thimur the Golden (a gold Dragon) has recently acquired a clue to the whereabouts of Asur and his wealth. There is a Tomb overlooking the Magos River. That Tomb belongs to Asur the Mighty. Investigating the Tomb, he found it to be a simple matter but saw here an opportunity to test potential recruits. Any prepared to loot a Grave would simply be sent on their way. Those not prepared to do so might be worth future employment. Thus the Merchant Turis of Darokin visits the small community of Riverfork Keep.

For the Players: The Merchant Turis of Darokin invites you into his employment. He is a simple merchant and no adventurer. Thus he seeks your assistance. He has recently learned that a powerful wizard's tomb is overlooking the Magos River. Therer must be considerable wealth to be found if plundered. If the PCs return that wealth he will allow them to keep full shares, and pay for anything that the Merchant may want.

The Crypt: 45 miles north of Riverfork Keep along the Magos overlooking the River is a small cave entrance that one must crawl through. Within is the skeletal remains wearing a ceremonial coat of silver mail made from coins (570sp). The name Asur is scratched on a cave wall. Anyone disturbing the Corpse or its treasure is immediatly attacked by an invisible stalker.

Hook: Asur is wearing a ceremonial Robe made for him as a gift by a Hakomon from the lands of the Khans far to the North. anyone inspecting the workmanship will find that while the coins are from an assortment of lands, the craftsmanship is entirely Ethengarian (PCS might recognize it on a DC20). Thimur the Golden has overlooked this fact. and the PCs may negotiate with him to extend their relationship further.