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Assault on a farmhouse

by Greywolf-ELM

Please note before reading: A farmer and his wife are murdered in this post. Please skip, if this will offend or bother you.

As dawn approaches, the Drusilla and Gorga look for a likely place to rest, sheltered from wandering pinkskins for the day, with shade to protect all the light sensitive eyes. Drusilla finds a large grouping of scrub Oak trees, and tells Gorga about the location. "This way to make camp for the day" commands Gorga. Each Orc picks a place among the trees to rest and is soon fast asleep.

At dusk the Orcs rouse slowly and stretch knotted muscles from the nightlong trek, which has brought them this far, near the border of Orc lands and Darokin Empire. Gorga and Drusilla are already out searching for food, and more roots and some grubs this time, are the fare for the morning meal. Ierkh gets up and scratches his back on one of the trees. The groans and moans of pleasure emanating from the Half-Ogre are abruptly cut short as the tree gives way with a snap. "Ieerrrrkh!!!" is the next sound that is heard, and wisely, no one laughs as he gets to his feet and finishes the job on his back with the fallen tree. With that taken care of Gorga goes around and makes sure everyone is ready to continue.

Gorga and Drusilla again lead the way south into Human lands. There is anxiousness among the Orcs, not born of fear, rather born of the feeling that battle and conquest is near. The night passes with a single stop for food. The scrublands are have been changing dramatically as they move through the night. The surrounding land has become plains and farmland, this close to the Vesubian River. Scattered trees dot the landscape, with moderately rolling hills the primary features. About three quarters of the way through the night, a path is found heading south. Looks are exchanged between Gorga and Drusilla; a pinkskin settlement must be near.

The path wanders through some low hills, until the edge of some tilled land is spotted. A small farmhouse can be seen across the field of food planted in rows. Sharraxtharkhul crushes one of the fleshy orbs hanging from the plant, smells and tastes it, and says simply
"Tomatoes." And drops it to the ground. "These are good to eat, and will replenish some water."

Ierkh's comment "That not food, that what food eats!" makes his idea of food quite clear.

The farmhouse is quite small, and made of clay brick and wood. A quick discussion ensues, to formulate a plan.
"We charge across the field and kill everything we see!" raves Scrag.
"Let's not warn every pinkskin for a league around." Gorga snorts.

Rhgl has the idea that is used. "I can sneak quietly up to the farmhouse and they'll never know I'm here. I'll come back and tell you what I see." With a nod from Gorga, Rhgl is off with no sound in his wake. "Little guy make no noise." Is the only comment made. But everyone is surprised at how well Rhgl remains silent.

Rhgl makes it to the side of the small house, and sees an opening up on he wall, big enough for him to fit through. With little time for thought, he is up the wall and looking inside. The sound of yard birds on the other side of the house is nearly drowned out by the snoring coming from the far end of the single room building.

He makes a quick assessment, and returns to report to Gorga and the others. "There is a single room in the building, with two pinkskins sleeping on the far end. A large table at the near end of the room, and some woodcraft around the room are the main furnishings. The door is wood with a wooden bar across it."

"Ierkh will smash door."

"What if they have magic?" is Drusilla's reply.

"Ierkh not scared, Ierkh strong."

Rhgl offers, "I can go back in and open the door from the inside, and let you all in. They'll never hear me with all the sleep noises they make."

Gorga approves of this, and they all cross the field. Rhgl is up and through the window before everyone else can get around to the front of the house. The door quietly opens, and Rhgl's gleaming eyes and sly smile poke from behind the door. Ierkh squeezes into the small hut and move to where the humans are sleeping. Gorga follows, and goes to the other side of the sleeping mat. With a thud that jars the floor, and a crack shattering bone, Ierkh's hand brings down the "good rock" he's been carrying. The male is now missing a head, and never knew what happened. The female awoke long enough to take a wooden spear through the chest by Gorga, with little but a gurgle coming from her mouth. The human farmers were dispatched without trouble at all.

Next up: Not so quiet assault on a town