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Asta Katlasdottir

by Jacob Skytte

Lawful 3rd level Fighter (Str 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Dex 16, Con 11, Cha 13, AC 3, hp 16) Personality Traits: Modest/Proud 12/8, Energetic/Lazy 16/4, Courageous/Fearful 15/5, Reverent/Godless 15/5, Dogmatic/Open-Minded 8/12 19 years old, Black hair, Purple eyes

"It is painful to be constantly reminded of what I could have, if only..."

Asta is the daughter of Katla Gudrunsdottir and Jarl Herjolk Eirikson of Ringmark. Her grandmother is Tristella, a magic-user from Helskir. Though magical talent runs in Asta's family, she has chosen to become a warrior, like her father and grandfather. This choice may well have been one that was made for her, while her grandfather was still alive. While the traditional Ostlanders abhor sorcery in almost any form, Asta and her family typically see magic as a tool like any other.

When Asta turned 18, King Hord requested her presence at the Royal Household, to serve as one of his shield-maidens. Asta was honoured by this position, and though her foreign looks and family background served to hold her back, she did make friends, among them Ingibjorg Siglindesdottir, another jarl's daughter.

Asta had heard many good things of Bue Geirsteinson, so she chose to join his army sent to punish his father. In the time they spent together, Asta grew to admire and eventually fall in love with Bue. Alas, during the final battle against his father, Asta was forced to unleash the magic of the ring she carries, and she polymorphed Geirstein to a fox. This display of magic alienated her from the Royal Household and she was expelled from the ranks of the shield-maidens and lost her best friend, Ingibjorg.

When Bue proclaimed his love for Asta, she felt it necessary to deject him, for fear of bringing him down due to her stained honour. Asta has now devoted herself to restoring that honour, both for her own sake, but also in the hopes of feeling able to return Bue's love.

In combat Asta fights with a thin sword that is lighter than the average sword (50 cns/5 lbs.), but still deals 1d8 damage. She wears a chain mail during battle. Her most prized possession is the magic ring of polymorph other given to her by her grandmother. The ring allows her, once per day, to turn an opponent into a regular forest animal unless a saving throw vs. spells is made. Asta needs to touch the ring to her opponent and utter a command word to use it.

Asta has two much younger sisters and is very close to her family.