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by Robin

One interesting creature which could exist in the Oort cloud and the Asteroid belt is the Astereater from Spell jammer. Here with Mystara D&D statistics

This picture seems to imply the creature is very large, able to swallow a vessel but in fact it is not . Here it is just on the foreground. The D&D size is 8-10 yards diameter.

Astereater* (Oculithorax detestio Bothynus)
Climate/Terrain:" Any space
Frequency: Very rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore (but digests everything)
Abilities; ST10-18 IN 5-10, WI 6-11, DX 5, CO 22, CH5
Treasure: See below
Alignment: Lawful evil
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class AC/Armor Value AV: -2 /6
Movement: Fl 30'-10' (B)(in space may sprint 22 rounds for x10)
Hit Dice: 8d10*
THAC0: 11
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage/Attack: 2d8
Special Attacks: Swallow whole
Special Defenses: Nil
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: L (8-12 yard in diameter)
Morale: Average (6)
XP Value: 1200

In general, Beholders and Beholder-kin are a very intelligent (and conceited) lot. Which is precisely why all of them deny any relation to the astereater. Though technically a Beholder-kin, the astereater has none of the intelligence or magical abilities its cousins possess. In appearance, the astereater resembles a large Beholder (minus the eye stalks) with one other major difference: The skin of the creature is virtually identical – in appearance and consistency – to rock. Like the Beholder, astereaters have a large, central eye and a large mouth filled with pointed teeth.
Astereaters speak their own language, which consists of very few words. They rarely hold a conversation with anything.
Combat: The rock-like skin of the astereater protects it very well. When its eye and mouth are shut, the creature is virtually impervious to any but very powerful or magical attacks (8th level or higher).The rock-like body of an astereater is very sturdy but for some reason, it still has got no magic resistance.
The astereater’s normal method of attack is to hide at the edge of an asteroid field and wait for passers-by to wander too close. It attacks using its huge mouth. A normal hit inflicts 2d4 points of damage, but any attack roll that exceeds the number needed by 5 or more means the astereater has swallowed its prey whole (obviously this doesn’t apply if the opponent is larger than the astereater). For example, if an astereater needs an attack roll of 9 or better to hit, and the roll is 14 or greater, then the victim is swallowed whole.
Anyone inside the belly of an astereater receives 1d6 points of damage per round from the powerful digestive acids found there. The victim may attack the astereater only if he held a small-sized weapon prior to being swallowed. Treat the interior of the astereater as AC 5(AV4). If the trapped person manages to inflict 12 points of damage to the creature’s stomach, he is expelled from the monster. The astereater cannot attack if it has someone in its stomach.
With its eye and mouth shut, the astereater is almost identical to an asteroid in appearance. At distances of 30 feet or less, the astereater is 50% likely to be mistaken for an asteroid. At distances greater than 30 feet, it is indistinguishable from an asteroid. Since the astereater is too slow to retreat from combat, it chooses its opponents carefully before revealing itself and attacking.
Habitat/Society: Like all Beholder-kin, astereaters are hateful and cruel. They cooperate neither with each other or anyone else unless it is of great benefit to themselves.
Astereaters hoard no treasure as they have no need for such trifles. However, in the bellies of these creatures (particularly older ones) there is usually a fair amount of incidental treasure that the creature cannot digest. In older astereaters it is common to find dozens of coins, various weapons, useless metal odds and ends, and possibly some magical items and potions (the astereater cannot digest glass or ceramic vials either).
An extremely rare but notable exception to the normal solitude of the astereaters is their occasional association with small groups of giff. It has been observed that astereaters sometimes act as leaders of giff platoons. Because of the militaristic nature of the giff and their aversion to serve anyone but their own kind, a giff platoon serving under an astereater is typically no larger than 10 giff; the association is generally little more than enslavement. It has been observed that this usually happens when an astereater encounters a giff mercenary platoon that is weak from battle and low in numbers. In this case, the astereater has little trouble domineering the mercenaries. It is unknown why the creatures choose giff as their slaves. Perhaps it is due to the giffs’ natural penchant for servitude.
As a rule, Beholders are a vicious species, holding great wars of extermination among their own kind. Whole communities of Beholders are casually destroyed as a matter of course. But the hatred of the Beholder race is greater still when directed toward astereaters. Beholders see astereaters as large blots against them and they stop at nothing to destroy what they consider to be vile errors of creation.
Ecology: Astereaters are carnivores that readily eat the flesh of any creature. They seem to prefer sentient species, especially humans and elves. Because of their extreme natural protection, they have no natural enemies but intelligent creatures hunt astereaters for the treasure they may hold in their stomachs.This abomination is a great boulder-like Beholder-kin without eyes. Apart from that (and a ton of hit dice), the astereater is pretty normal. It doesn't collect any treasure, but may have leftovers from former meals in its stomache, as it won't digest gold, glass or similar materials. Nice. Random astereater stomache loot can lead to all kinds of further adventures. It's e member of the beholder family, though other beholders or beholder-kin tend to deny the relation due to the fact that the astereater hasn't got "intelligence or magical abilities its cousins possess" (shouldn't it be "anti-magical abilities?"). So the astereater is the embarassing relative who's never invited to the family Christmas party. Anyway, the astereaters have their own language, but it seems to be rather simple and consits only of a few words.