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by Aleksei Andrievski

(Bringer of Wealth)
Intermediate Power of the Outlands, N/Eternal of Thought, N
PORTFOLIO: Trade, merchants, thieves, travellers, the moon
ALIASES: Belnos (Robrenn), Ashtiru (Ylaruam), Asuradha (Sind), Munes (Nithia), Asterios (Traldar, Milenia)
DOMAIN: Outlands/the Marketplace Eternal
SPONSOR: Korotiku
ALLIES: Korotiku, Ixion, Sharpcrest
FOES: Thanatos, Iliric, Talitha
SYMBOL: The moon
WAL: Any
Asterius was a thief and later a merchant in ancient Blackmoor. He quested for Immortality under the sponsorship of Korotiku and has remained a patron of both thieves and merchants.

The Church
CLERGY: Priests, druids (Robrenn)
CAL: Any (any non-lawful if worship the thievery aspect)
WEAPONS: Standard, plus dagger
ARMOUR: Up to chain mail, no shields
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Astral, Charm, Guardian, Protection, Sun, Travellers
MINOR SPHERES: Creation, Divination, Healing, Thought
GRANTED POWERS: Move Silently and Hide in Shadows as thief of equal level
BONUS PROFS: Appraising, Bargaining
DOGMA: Asterius encourages his followers to seek wealth and profits. However, he dislikes excessive greed and discourages bringing utter ruination to others by seeking wealth (that is more in the domain of Talitha and Iliric). Instead, if by gaining wealth, his followers happen to bring profit to others as well, Asterius likes that most of all.
DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES: The priests of Asterius are called Silverobes, because of their ceremonial garments. Priests who worship him as patron of merchants often engage in trade themselves; the priests of Asterius in Darokin are especially successful merchants. Those who honour him as patron of thieves are often members of thieves' guilds, administering to the religious needs of other members and helping them plan their activities. In Robrenn, druids of Belnos handle exports of goods from the country (most of these goods are nature's products).
IMPORTANT CEREMONIES/HOLY DAYS: Klarmont 14th is the Mercantilia, a day celebrating wealth and its availability to everyone. It is said that on this day, worshippers of Asterius receive special boons from their patron: thieves find their skills enhanced, merchants make especially profitable deals, and other followers come upon good fortune.
MAJOR CENTRES OF WORSHIP: Asterius is worshipped in many places, since trade and thieves are part of many cultures. He has large followings in Darokin and Karameikos (he is one of the patrons of these countries' respective churches), Thyatis, and Sind (where he is known as Asuradha). Before the coming of al-Kalim he was honoured in Ylaruam as Ashtiru, and he is still known by that name among the Ylari citizens of Tel Akbir and Biazzan. In Robrenn, he is followed by the druids as Belnos, patron of trade and healers. He is part of the Nithian pantheon as Munes. And the Traldar and Milenians know him as Asterios.
AFFILIATED ORDERS: Asterius has no special orders, since he does not elevate some of his followers above the others.
PRIESTLY VESTMENTS: Clergy of Asterius don garments with silver ornaments when performing special rituals.
ADVENTURING GARB: Adventuring clergy wear a silver moon medallion on their neck.

Asterian Spells
Transform Wealth (Alteration)
Level: 2
Sphere: Creation
Range: 30'
Components: V, S
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 1r
Area of Effect: All material wealth in a 1' cube
Saving Throw: Neg.
This spell transforms one type of material wealth (coins, gems, jewellery) into another. Thus for example coins can be transformed into less unwieldy gems. Objects that are not purely material riches (such as art objects or an expensive house) are not affected. Five percent of the transformed items' value is lost as a sacrifice to Asterius. This spell can be cast on unwilling targets (e.g. to encumber them by transforming their gems into coins), but they gain a saving throw. The spell must be cast on specific, visible items, not randomly in hopes of 'catching' some possible items into the area of effect.