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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Atacal was born 33 years ago, the son of a prominent Atzanteotl priest. He seemed to be in line to follow his father in occupation and prominence, but a rebellious streak led him to branching out on his own.
He begun studying other religions and found the teachings of Karaash the most insightful and interesting. After several years of covertly studying this religion's theology, he was discovered by his father, who notified the authorities. Atacal went into hiding, where he has remained for the past decade. He has steadily worked his way into greater power, becoming Karaash's chief shaman in Oenkmar.

Personality: Despite his years on the run, Atacal is not a lone wolf, preferring to work with others as a team. His charming personality (by orcish standards) helps make this an easier task and he has developed a small group of loyal Karaash followers. He looks forward to the day when Atzanteotl and his followers will be toppled from the leadership of Oenkmar and my assist those who help oppose this regime. He does not want to be killed though, so will act subtly or behind the scenes much of the time, especially avoiding direct conflict unless absolutely necessary. He believes in orcish superiority, but recognises that other races have some value and will just them on an individual basis.

Appearance: Atacal is a bit puny by common orc standards, being just 5'9" and 165#. His short brown hair is well-kempt and his grey skin is kept as clean as possible for an orcish outlaw. He rarely wears armour or carries arms, but despite this and his size can strike an imposing presence if so desired.

Combat Notes: He is a 6th-level common orc shaman. AC 8; hp 23; at 1; D by spell or unarmed combat (owns a Karaash sword gri-gri); save C6 or F6; ML 10; Al N; S 8, I 12, W 16, D 11, Co 9, Ch 14. Languages: Elvish (Oenkmarian). Non-weapon proficiencies: Honor Karaash 17, City Survival 12, Escape Artist 11, Knowledge [Oenkmarian politics] 12. Spells: 2 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd. Owns no amulets or magic items.