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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Born in 977 AC, Atesaran was the son of an officer in the Nithian military and has followed well in his old man's footsteps. At age 18, he joined the heavymen, the elite of the Nithian army and in the brief time since has shown himself to be a loyal subject of the Empire and an excellent combatant.
Personality: Atesaran is very loyal to the Nithian Empire and is a staunch defender of Rathanos and his faith. He can be kind at times, but generally comes across as gruff and mean-spirited. He is especially harsh against female soldiers among his enemies, for he believes in the chauvinistic ways of Rathanos. It is no big surprise that he has not yet found the woman who can stand him for more than a few minutes before he gets on their bad side. He is convinced he is always on the right side.
Appearance: A native Haptan, Atesaran stands 5'10" and weighs just over 200 pounds. He has the typical dark skin and hair of the Haptans and is of a much heavier build than your typical Nithian or even your typical Nithian soldier. He does not wear fancy clothing, preferring his military outfit when in public.
Combat Notes: He is a 9th level fighter. AC 1 (Nithian Plate+1, Shield+2); hp 43; at 1; D 1-10+4 (Khopesh Sword+1, strength bonus, heavyman bonus); save F9; ML 11; S 15, I 10, W 13, D 11, Co 11, Ch 12.
Languages: Nithian, Neathar. General Skills: Shield Back (D), 5 unspent skill slots
Other eqp: Ring of Fire Resistance, Mace+1