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Atruaghin-Glantri Conflict

by Simone Neri

I don't know if this can help, but I gave the following explanation (surely needing some corrections) to the Atruaghin-Glantri conflict in my historical elucubrations on the Italian MMB, back in 2005.

AC 901: A group of Glantrian mages, back from a trading-exploration expedition in the south on account of an important prince, is taken prisoner within the lands of the Tiger Clan and sacrificed to Atzanteotl. The secret purpose of the mission was finding some ancient arcane books which the prince coveted, and which the mages had to return to Glantri among other things (trade goods, scientific or cultural findings, or whatever) that were of public importance for the magocracy.

The arcane tomes in possession of the mages thus fall in the hands of the Tiger Clan; the clan's shamans hide the books with magical means, making it impossible to detect them through spells; they also try to unlock the secrets that are enclosed within the books.

The Glantrian prince, who covets the books, emphasizes the event in order to stir up the outrage of other Glantrian princes and nobles. After some searches, the Glantrians think that the Bear Clan is responsible for the theft: they send messengers to that clan's tribes, requiring the return of the stolen goods (and of the books), but the Bear Clan's tribes - who don't even know what the Glantrians are talking about - react disdainfully, driving the Glantrian ambassadors away. The Council of Princes than begins to put pressure on the Darokinian Dukes of Malpheggi and Amsorak in order to put together an unified effort to conquer the Atruaghin Clans: in response the Bear Clan, with growing hate toward the neighboring human realms, launches a series of raids against the borders of the Duchy of Amsorak.

A true war is about to break out between the Atruaghin Clans and a Glantrian-Darokinian alliance. However, skillfully advised by the young Sasheme Vickers (a member of House Umbarth, whose local trades would have been seriously damaged by the war), the Duke of Amsorak takes time, discovers the real issue (that is the theft of the arcane tomes), and sends Vickers in a dangerous diplomatic mission to the Tiger Clan (who in the meantime has been uncovered as the real author of the theft, and possibly also of the false evidences which induced the Glantrians to think that the Bear Clan was responsible). Thanks to his diplomatic ability and with some trickery, Vickers manages to obtain the return of the books, which are sent back to the Glantrians, thus averting the dangerous war.