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Colour of Magic - Atruaghin Spells

by Gilles Leblanc

1st level spells

Armour: ( Protection of the bear ) This spell invokes the spirit of the bear to protect the caster or anyone touched by the caster. The material component is replaced by any object(s) with a total value of 15 gp which must be "scarified" to the spirit of the bear during the spell casting. Objects can include food, feathers, beads, ceramic pots, fruits, blankets, etc. These items are consumed by the spell and turned to ashes.

Burning Hands: ( Thorny Hands ) This spells does not fire at jet of flames but rather a stream of hard, sharp thorns. Damage is the same except that the thorns cannot start fire. However they tear up clothing and items made cloths ( ship's sails, etc. ), dent armour ( no effect except aesthetic ) break glass and weak materials.

Magic Missile: ( Wolf Fang ) As the caster points toward his target, a small gust of wind ( no relation with the spell or other effect ) carries a bluish light to the target who suffers wounds. The wounds look like bite marks from a wolf. There is one bite per missile.

Magic Missile: ( Grass blades ) Another version of the magic missile found on the plateau shoots long, needle sharp, magical blade of grass. The blade are 5' long and very rigid. They disappear the round after the spell is cast.

Shield: ( Protection of the hawk ) This spell is known under the name protection of the hawk of the plateau.

Shocking Grasp: ( Spirit Wrack ) A blue halo surrounds the caster hands, who can, with touch inflict pain on any creature who possess a spirit ( undead, un-intelligent plants and similar creatures are not affected ). The caster damages the target's spirit so there is no visible damage on the target, who feels a spine chilling sensation. The spell is not carried through an electrical conductor but is can be carried through a wooden wand created by the mage. This wand is adorned with feathers and dyes and can be created by any wizards who knows the spirit wrack spell.

Wall of Fog: ( Wall of Smoke ) The wall appears to be formed of smoke rather than fog. There is no fire or heat present.

2nd level spells

Blindness: This spells calls the spirit of the raccoon to obscure sight to a target. The target has "raccoon" eyes for the duration of the spell ( black spots around his eyes ) and can only see a dark grey fur, much like that of the raccoon for the duration of the spell.

Deafness: This spell fills the target ears with the loud buzzing of a bee's hive. The target cannot ear anything through the noise.

Glitterdust: ( Cloud of truth ) This spell works as the glitterdust spell except that a creates a swirling cloud of bluish "images". These images resemble a variety of animal heads and are constantly moving and changing. The cloud is translucent. Every creature which comes in contact with the cloud is marked as per glitterdust, but instead of "sparkling" the creature is surrounded by a blue halo. This halo reveals invisible creatures, as per the spell.

Hypnotic Pattern: ( Enthrallment ) This version of Hypnotic Pattern creates a small smoke column. Each person looking into the smoke sees vision of his strongest and most secret desires.

Leomund's Trap: ( Magic Snare ) This spell creates a "woodland" trap. Anyone possessing the ability to create or detect woodland traps or someone searching the area will find a trap such as chute covered with grasses, a net ready to fall from a tree or any other woodland trap possible. The area of effect must be some small secluded path within a forested area. As per the original spell, the trap is of course fake.

Ray of Enfeeblement: ( Steal the might ) When this spell is cast, red wisps of smoke come from the target for a instant, as the spell is causing it's draining effect.

Stinking Cloud: ( Mosquito Swarm ) This spell create a huge swarm of magical mosquitoes who swarm everyone inside the cloud. They constantly sting their target ( no damage ) who must save vs. poison as per the spell or feel the spell nauseating effects.

3rd level spells

Fly: ( Borne on the clouds ) During the duration of the spell, a small white cloud stands at the base of the target's feets.

Hold Person: ( Bear Hug ) This spell calls the spirit of the bear to hug ( thus paralyse ) opponents. These may not move more than an inch in any direction or use any items. They cannot speak. Any attempt to do so results in a muffled voice. Casting is impossible. The target feels as tough a large furry animal is restraining them. The sounds of a bear growling can also be heard during the duration of the spell.

Wraith form: ( Spirit Form ) The caster becomes translucent soft blue and emits a soft pulsating glow about the strength of a torch. The caster assumes all the powers of a wraith except he cannot pass for undead among other undeads. His presence does not frighten animals, and he can move among them unarmed for the duration of the spell.

4th level spells

Dimension Door: ( Secret Path ) This version of the spell creates a temporary portal which exists only a moment until the caster use it and cannot be used by anybody or anything else. This portal resemble a 5' diameter red solid ring which contains the image of a path running into some grassy hills. The portal is again seen as the caster emerges from his new location.

Enchanted Weapon : Some Atruaghin mages still possess a variation of this spell developed during the Red Orc occupation of the Atruaghin lands. This version makes the weapon +0/+2 against Red Orcs instead of +1.

Evard's Black Tentacles: ( Strength of Mother Earth ) This version create earth tentacles which seem to be from some earth elemental creature which possess tentacles. The tentacles seem to be made out of packed earth, stone and some roots and grass but can move fluidly and are quite resilient.

Leomund's Secure Shelter: ( Tipi ) This version creates a large tipi ( native American home with a conical shape ) approximately the same size as the normal shelter. The Tipi has skins which can serve as a "door". This door will only open from the inside or by the Tipi caster. The door and walls, while not as strong as wood, are much stronger than that of a normal Tipi. All naturals animals and insects, including non-hostile giant version of mundane animals or insects will leave the Tipi and it's inhabitants alone.

Rainbow Pattern: ( Enchanting Fire ) This spells create the visual illusion of fire pit with a red, purple and pink fire which seems to produce thin yellow smoke. Anyone caught in the fire or smoke ( same area of effect as rainbow pattern ) are affected as per rainbow pattern.

Solid Fog: ( Wall of foliage ) This spell create a tightly packed zone of leaves, twigs and small vines which obstruct vision and movement as per the solid fog spell.