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by Marco Dalmonte

Father of the Atruaghin Clans, Patron of Good and Wisdom, Saviour of the Azcans

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 32nd (Hierarch), LG, Matter
Symbol: feathered serpent wearing a warbonnet or tomahawk and warbonnet
Portfolio: Atruaghin Clans, Azcans, diplomacy, wisdom, balance, truth, fighting Evil
Worshipped in: Known World (Atruaghin Clans), Hollow World (Azca)
Appearance: a middle-aged copper-skinned human with wise dark eyes and a hawk's nose, wearing a warbonnet adorned with colourful plumes on his head.
His second manifestation form is that of a 7' tall well-muscled warrior surrounded by flames.
History: Prince Atruatzin was born in the Empire of Azca in the Hollow World. After his father's death, he ascended to the throne and ruled with wisdom and magnanimity. However, during his reign Atzanteotl, who had just attained immortality, started to send omens to the Azcans, and began to erode the power of the priests of Kalaktatla and Otzitiotl, urging a revolt against the nobles and the Tlatoani (Emperor). Eventually Atzanteotl's followers managed to stage a coup and they usurped Atruatzin's power, who was forced to flee from the royal palace. Hunted down by Atzanteotl's priests, he escaped with his followers and sought sanctuary in the depths of the earth, where they found the fabled city of the dead: Mictlan (in fact the old elven city of Aengmor, which Atzanteotl had built on the surface and later disappeared in the earthquakes caused by the Glantrian Catastrophe). But Atzanteotl sent here his followers, underground elves (Schattenalfen) that massacred Atruatzin's people in order to take control the city. Atruatzin again managed to flee and was helped by Xochiquetzal, Queen of the Fairies, who held him with her for some time, bestowing him with renewed youth. But Atruatzin knew his destiny was calling him and he resumed his travels, emerging in the outer world, in the region west of current Darokin. Here he unified the descendants of Oltecs and Azcans and renamed them the Children of Atruaghin (using the name he was given by these people). Once the tribes were pacified and safe, Atruatzin disappeared again and he came back to Azca, where he founded a secret sect that followed a new philosophy called the New Way. He started preaching the return of Quetzalcoatl, a mythic king and saviour that would have restored order and justice in Azca foretelling the coming of a new age of prosperity under the patronage of the old gods. Kalaktatla (Ka) guided his priest's steps in the right path towards immortality, and after building the Mystic Conveyor to link Azca in the Hollow World with the outer world , Atruaghin emerged once again among his Children, only to discover they had been enslaved by Wogar's humanoids. He raised the tribes once again and led them to vanquish their common foes helped by the loyal Hattani. Finally, in order to protect his Children from the humanoids, he used his powerful magics to raise a great plateau. This last epic deed marked his ascension among the immortals in BC 795, and from that moment he returns every year among his Children in spirit form.
Personality: Despite all battles and wars he fought, Atruaghin has always been characterised by his meekness, mercy and patience. In fact, after decades spent wandering around the world, he came to understand that true strength comes from knowledge and determination. He prefers dialogue as a way to solve any matter, even if he understands that sometimes brute force is the only thing that some people listen to, when words are not sufficient. He refuses to use deceit or lies to reach his goals, and has always been a glaring example of respect for laws and justice, and that is the reason he gathered so many followers and allies all around the world.
Patron: Ka
Allies: Ka, Ixion, Ahmanni, Hattani, Mahmatti, Tahkati
Enemies: Atzanteotl, Danel, Thanatos
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: Neutral or Lawful (approximately 90% of the clerics are Lawful)
Favoured weapon: tomahawk (bludgeoning weapons and short bow are also allowed)
Clerics' skills and powers: clerics of Atruaghin cannot wear armours more cumbersome than leather armour, neither use metal weapons. They also cannot turn undead. On the other hand, they can never be tricked (they understand instinctively when someone is lying), and can determine if a plant or animal is edible, venomous or sick just after one round of examination (this ability works only with natural poisons or diseases; the cleric has only the 50% of chance of identifying magical diseases or toxins present in plants or animals). Finally, no common animal (or its giant version) will ever attack a cleric of Atruaghin, unless he attacks first.
D&D 3E stats:
Domains: Matter, Law, Good, Knowledge, Persuasion
Preferred weapon: tomahawk
Sources: GAZ14, HWR1, WotI