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Weapons and Equipment of the Atruaghin Clans

by Håvard

I have been thinking about weapons and equipment. Here are some things that were listed in the gazetteer:


Eagle Lance As spear. Used by Horse Clan
Club as normal club. Used by Bear Clan
Turtle Clan Harpoon 1d6 dmg. May be thrown 20/40/60
Whale Tooth Knife As dagger. Used by Turtle Clan
Shark Tooth Arrows As Arrow. Used by Turtle Clan
Spear Thrower / azraxxi +25% range & +2 damage for javelins. Used by Tiger Clan
Scallop-bladed Short Sword 1d6+1 dmg. Used by Tiger Clan
Tiger Javelin +1 to damage
Tiger War Bolas / Xitchi Tiger Clan. 1d4 dmg. 25% to entangle
Blow Gun /Xitchen Tiger Clan. As Blow Gun. Additional damage when dart is removed.
Tomahawk As Hand Axe. Preferred by Elk Clan
Short Bow As Short Bow. used by Elk Clan
Bone/Stone dagger As Dagger
Bone/Stone Hand axe As hand axe
Buffalo Spear As Spear. Used by Horse Clan
Hand Axe As Hand Axe. Used by Horse Clan


Horse Clan Leather AC8
Snake-Leather Jerkin AC7. Used by Bear Clan
Buffalo Hide Shield As normal shield
War Bonnet No Game mechanical effects. Used by Horse Clan
Medicine Bundles / Makaki +1 to Save, or Special. Used by Horse Clan
Turtle Clan West AC7
Turtle Clan Wooden Helmet +2 to morale
Tiger Clan Shield /daxan As normal shield in melee, but can be used for additional attack. See special rules. No AC bonus against Missile attacks
Tiger Clan Breast Plate AC7
War Paint 2nd Level Shamani Spell

Initial thoughts: First of all, having these items organized in a table like this would have been extremely useful. Secondly, every clan's weapons are uninteresting or nerfed except the Tiger Clan which is possibly even overpowered? I have no idea why the Horse Clan cannot get AC7 for their leather clothes except for realism? I think the Atruaghin folk are nerfed enough already so I see no reason not to give them that. Personally I am inclined to rule that the Atruaghin Clans characters gain a +1 to attack with all weapons associated with their culture.

(Created by me)

Bone Armor AC7

All of the items above should be available as magical weapons. When adventuring in the Atruaghin Clans, the DM should select local cultural weapons instead of the standard lists.

Magical War Bonnet:
(Miscellaneous Magical Item) War Bonnets have no special effect, but they can be enchanted. Roll for effect:

01-05 Telepathy As Helm of Telepathy
06-10 Teleportation As Helm of Teleportation
11-15 Absorption As armor of...
16-25 Charm As armor of...
25-35 Cure Wounds As armor of...
36-40 Electricity As armor of...
41-45 Energy Drain As armor of...
46-55 Ethereality As armor of...
56-60 Fly As armor of...
61-65 Gaseous Form As armor of...
66-70 Haste As armor of...
70-80 Invisibility As armor of...
81-85 Reflection As armor of...
86-90 Remove Curse As armor of...
90-00 War Paint Enchants your War Paint like the 2nd level Shamani Spell

Magical Arm Bands
Rings are not as popular among the Children of Atruaghin as in the rest of the Known World, but arm bands are common ornaments. Magical arm bands may also be found among the clans. For effects, consult the table for Magic Rings in the RC. As usual, a character is limited to one arm band on each arm and any rings worn on a finger of the same arm has no effect.