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by Simone Neri

I used the dragon Attura, whose lair is located near the Palace of Atruaghin site, to spice up things during WotI. In fact, Bruce's article Who's Who Among Dragons in Dragon Magazine #171 lends useful hints to involve the dragon and the plateau in the Immortal conflict. Bruce wrote:

She (Attura) also was approached by a wizard, a follower of the Sphere of Energy, who promised great wealth and increased magical power in exchange for her oath. Attura is a power-hungry fool and an unscrupulous beast, which presently puts her at risk becoming a puppet and follower of the Sphere of Energy.

The wizard follower of the Sphere of Energy could well be an Immortal in disguise from one of the two factions. I have always envisioned the whole Master vs Darokin thing as a way of the Brotherhood of the Shadows to eliminate Ixion-controlled Sind as a threat to Glantri (besides widening the range of the war and destructions), likely helped by the underground actions of Hel cultists in Sind. So, we could have a couple of scenarios:

1) Foreseeing the Master's move from the west, the Ring of Fire decides to strengthen its position at Sind's back, luring Attura to become its puppet. In my campaign, I adopted this choice, and I had the dragon helped by a bunch of alleged Alphatian wizards; she got control of many southern tribes, then almost conquered the Tiger Clan (Atzanteotl-controlled, thus opposed to her if Attura is allied to the Ring of Fire) before being killed by adventurers; in the end, this resulted in the collapse of the Tiger Clan confederation, in the split between the clergies of Danel and Atzanteotl (who went underground, occupying Attura's old lair together with many of her younger dragon vassals). This event could be used to explain why some Alphatian wizards went to Atruaghin after the war - they simply never left Atruaghin and decided to carve there a domain of their own after the war, or went there after Alphatia sank as per PWAs, posing as "spirits".

2) The Fellowship of the Star makes its move on Attura to take control of the Atruaghin area, in order to offset the Ring's presence in Sind. If this is the case, Attura could even temporarily get the help of the clergy of Atzanteotl (Brotherhood of the Shadows) and thus of the Tiger Clan, preasumeably using it to wrest control of the Malpheggi Swamp from the rival dragon Thalkor. If successful, she could then have at her disposal Thalkor's lizardman army. However, since Glantri will be not experimenting threats from the south and west until 1008 AC, this move on the Fellowship's part could result of little usefulness to the war's larger strategy.
However, Ka's alliance with Rad, as xoronthran pointed out, could upset Atruaghin. If this eventually leads to an alliance between the dragon Attura and the Tiger Clan, which would represent a dangerous threat to the good-aligned Clans, Atruaghin could even advocate an action of the other clans against the dragon and its Tiger Clan (read: Atzanteotl) followers. I'd not say Atruaghin will go as far as involving the Clans in the wider conflict as supporters of the Ring of Fire, but this could still result in an all-out war of the four good Clans against the Tiger and its dragon allies.

Anyway, these are only a couple of possibilities I have explored for a WotI scenario in Atruaghin. I'm sure there is plenty of other options.