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by Aleksei Andrievski

(Lord of Corruption, the Feathered Serpent)
Greater Power of Baator, LE/Hierarch of Entropy, C
PORTFOLIO: Corruption, betrayal, rotting
ALIASES: Menlil (Nimmur), Acchanital (Sind), Sobk (Nithia)
DOMAIN: Baator/Minauros/Tlalxicco
SPONSOR: Thanatos
ALLIES: Danel, Hel
FOES: Ilsundal, Ixion, Ka, Karaash, Rafiel, Djaea, Halav, Atruaghin, Ahmanni, Hattani, Mahmatti, Tahkati
SYMBOL: The silhouette of a feathered serpent
WAL: Any non-good
Atzanteotl was once an elven king Atziann, the only survivor of his clan after the Broken Lands explosion in 1700 BC. Atziann fled through Mystara's core, eventually emerging in 1650 BC in the Azcan lands of the Hollow World. He learned the Azcan ways in disguise until 1500 BC, when he achieved Immortality and took the name Atzanteotl. Soon after, he corrupted most Azcans and many shadow elves to follow his teachings.

The Church
CLERGY: Priests
WEAPONS: Any piercing
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Guardian, Summoning, War
MINOR SPHERES: Divination, Law, Necromantic (reverse only), Wards
GRANTED POWERS: Command Undead, Cause Light Wounds 1/day, immune to all forms of alignment or personality detection and ESP.
BONUS PROFS: Persuasion
DOGMA: Atzanteotl's doctrine is to corrupt people and even whole nations to the cause of evil. He delights in secretly advancing his corruption, then springing it upon his enemies as a great surprise. He thinks nothing of abandoning those whom he corrupted to their fate, but often takes them as his own worshippers if they prove interesting or important enough. Atzanteotl also oversees the process of physical rotting, but it interests him much less.
DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES: Atzanteotl's priests are called Corruptors. They worm their way in as advisers to powerful or important figures, or as companions to famous good heroes. Of course, their advice is ultimately targeted to corrupt these people and destroy their reputation. Corruptors are pretty good at it, too - their granted powers of non-detection and personal skill in formulating advice (e.g. failing to mention possible bad consequences) make it very difficult to detect anything until it's too late.
IMPORTANT CEREMONIES/HOLY DAYS: Thaumont 11 is the day when Atziann reached the Hollow World after a long and hard track underground. In Azca and Schattenalfheim it is called the Serpentsun. It is also celebrated in Nimmur as the day when the manscorpions were led out of the caverns into the Land Above; there it is called Light of Menlil.
MAJOR CENTRES OF WORSHIP: Atzanteotl is worshipped in several cultures, most of which he has corrupted and stolen from other Immortals. His major follower bases in the outer world include the manscorpions of Nimmur and the Tiger Clan. He has also swayed some Broken Lands humanoids and shadow elves to his worship, while the Sindhi have heard of him as Acchanital. In the Hollow World, Atzanteotl is the sole Immortal of Azcan Empire and Schattenalfheim; he is also known in Nithia as Sobk, lord of crocodiles.
AFFILIATED ORDERS: The Tiger Claws is a force of elite warriors of Tiger Clan who are all fanatics of Atzanteotl. They are notorious for their bloodlust and battle rages (in game terms, use the Berserker kit). There are also warrior orders dedicated to Atzanteotl in the Azcan Empire.
PRIESTLY VESTMENTS: Priests of Atzanteotl use elaborate garments made of colourful feathers. They wear similarly made headgear, often with a sneering mask attached.
ADVENTURING GARB: Adventuring priests of Atzanteotl wear the normal clothes of their home culture, if appropriate.

Atzan Spells
Corrupting Touch (Alteration)
Level: 3
Sphere: Charm
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 6
Area of Effect: 10 cu. ft./level of non-magical matter
Saving Throw: Neg.
After casting this spell, a priest can corrupt any matter, which then becomes deficient in some way. Magical matter and living creatures are not affected. The affected matter will become physically corrupted in some way - food becomes rotten, water becomes disease-ridden, plants become withered, stones become fragile and prone to crumble, etc. The matter receives a saving throw vs. disintegration with a +3 bonus to avoid the effect. The material component is a crumb of stale bread.

Shadow of a Doubt (Enchantment/Charm)
Level: 4
Sphere: Charm
Range: 30'
Components: V
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 7
Area of Effect: 1 person
Saving Throw: Neg.
This subtle but nefarious spell causes its target to begin slightly doubting his or her beliefs and convictions. For example, a priest may begin to doubt his religion, a soldier may question the orders of his commander, etc. The spell does not cause the affected person to abandon his beliefs right away - instead it works over time, slowly insinuating itself into the target's mind. The target initially receives a saving throw to avoid the effect (Wisdom bonus applies). If this is failed, the doubting thoughts start to appear. When the target is next faced with a direct appeal to his beliefs (an order from a commander, etc.), he is allowed a new saving throw, with a -1 penalty for every day he has had time to develop the doubts since the casting of the spell. Thus, a soldier who had this spell cast on him, then had 2 days to himself before being given a direct order from his commander, will have a -2 penalty to his roll. If this new saving throw succeeds, the spell is broken. If it fails, the person will act contrary to his beliefs (though not necessarily in an obvious way; for example a soldier may appear to obey the order but will secretly disrupt it). Every such failure will bring an additional -1 penalty to future saving throws. Finally, after three such failures, the target abandons his beliefs completely.