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Aurum Hounds

by ViktorD20

The Aurum Hounds are a (homebrew) mercenary faction hailing from the lands beyond the Known World. The faction is controlled by the three Free Lords, Ollanus Bronco, a siege master and the lord of the city of Luboli, Nikovik Polachovitz, a master tactician, diplomat,cavalry fighter and lord of the city of Bellion, and Alexandra Misaron, a master assassin and intel gatherer and the lady of the city of Slanovan. The faction is made up of several mercenary regiments, each with a unique shtick.

Knights Tiger, cavalry dressed in tiger pelts
Long Serpent Pirates, sailors covered in tattoos who consider each battle a treasure
Bronco Besiegers, experts in long range combat and siege tactics, masters of shield walls
Serpent Cutters, hobgoblin pirates with a love for venoms
Polchov Fellowship, pike fighters that specialize in open field combat
Misaron Shadows, assassins that seem to multiply upon death, only operate at night
Polachovitz Griffons, warriors modeled after the Order of the Griffon in Karameikos
Brass Bows, archers made up entirely of Belcadiz elves
Sind Desert Prowlers, camel archers, I guess
Ostland Choppers, warriors from the frigid north, fight with such a fury that berserkers would blush. They might be berserkers, actually...
Drake Flayers, water elves that wear the skins of drakes on their armor
Worg Riders, hobgoblins on worgs, classic combo
Far Khans, master horse archers, specialize in open field combat
Freehold Gliders, Helannic warriors with hang glider modeled after the Heldannic Warbirds
Blueblood Ballistas, Alphatian runaways that decided they liked mercenary work

Each company roams around the Known and Unknown World in search of coin and renown, and they only return dead, or when summoned back during times of great distress. In this thread I will also introduce their cities and leaders.

Here's their faction symbol as a little bonus. Art by CyArt.