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Fabricus' Spell of Apparently Useless Information

by Chris Furneaux

Level: 3
Range: 120'
Effect: One living person
Duration: permanent, unless convinced otherwise.

Description: This is very similar to the spells charm person except it charms the person to think some information that he has is useless. If the victim fails a save vs. spells it charms the victim into believing all information they know about one item, plan or event to be of no consequence and apparently useless. This generally makes the victim leave out any details about this thing when writing reports, or talking to people. The spell cannot be dispelled as the victims believing the information unimportant tend to just forget all about it (as it never gets put into long term memory). The victim can however be confronted by someone who knows about the thing they think is useless and be convinced otherwise, but they will still not be able to give any new information unless they find out more later. If this happens the spell effect ends.

History: A Thyatian mage was commissioned by a senator to create this spell so he could keep known spies around (as if removed they would be just be replaced) while rendering them useless. It has however found other uses since then, but is still keep secret as it became well known it would become useless.