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Adri Varma Plateau timeline

by Håvard

With contributions from David Knott, Jim Sahlas, Giulio Caroletti, James Mishler, Patrick Sullivan, Andrew Theisen, Thibault Sarlat, Lo Zompatore and others.

BC 4000-3000 The Blackmoor Era
Sandfolk brought to a Blackmoor colony in what is now Glantri.

BC 3000
The Great Rain of Fire. The ‘Glantri’ Blackmoor colony Sandfolk survivors of the Cataclysm seek refuge on the Great Plateau. All their knowledge of technology is lost and they revert to a stone age culture.

BC 2600
Carnuilh, fair skinned Neolithic humans settle on the Plateau. The humans keep to the northern parts of the Plateau while the Sandfolk dominate the south.

BC 1721
Akkila Khans forces sweep through the eastern parts of the Plateau on their way to Glantri. Humanoids mix blood with the Carnuilh forming the Oghriz.
(The Oghriz)

BC 1700
Blackmoor devices explode in Glantri turning that region into a wasteland.

BC 890
Genalleth elves from Wendar fleeing internal conflict with the humans of those lands settle in the woodlands of the Plateau.

AC 0 Year of the Crowning
This is the year of the crowning of the first Emperor of Thyatis.

AC 700
A Sindhi wizard creates the Stolari, a race of magical sentient Saguaro cactus and set them loose on the Plateau. The process sets of a climatic change in the region which will eventually transform the Abaddon Woods into a wasteland where little other than cacti may grow. (The Stolari)

AC 802 – The Glantri Gold Rush
Dwarves, Halflings and humans from the Known World mass migrate to Glantri in search of gold. Some of these adventurers move as far as onto the Adri Varma Plateau, constructing mines in the Moorfowl Mountains. Dead Mule, Thorhold, Gulluvia, Mere and Velders are founded in this period. Oghriz and Sandfolk natives are pushed into the wilderness.

AC 828
Dwarves are expelled from Glantri. Some seek refuge among clansmen in the Moorfowl Mountains. The lord of Gulluvia depend on the mining skills of his dwarven minions and does not enforce Glantri’s ban on dwarves. This marks the beginning of an era of separation between Glantri and the Plateau.

AC 858
The Principalities of Glantri are founded. A Glantrian noble, Princess Aurielle claims rulership of Adri Varma. With riches from the mines of the Moorfowl mountains, she constructs her Golden Palace. Adri Varma is a founding principality of Glantri.

AC 865
Dwarves discover a perfect red gemstone in the mines and give it to their Princess as a sign of gratitude for being spared the fate of dwarves in other parts of Glantri. A few months later, dragons attack the Plateau, leaving the Golden Palace in ruins. Adri Varma is considered a backwater province and is no longer seen as a part of Glantri.

ca. AC 930
A descendant of Princess Aurielle wanders into the Abaddon Woods and is taken in by a “wise woman” who lives there. She becomes the Second Witch of Abaddon. She has two daughters, one of whom is apparently stillborn in 972 AC and the other of whom survives and gives birth to D'hmis in 991 AC.

AC 934
Klarshmal, an Oghriz wizard creates the first of the Rods of Oil Divining.

AC 1000
The Time of the Gazetteers. A priest named Ilker Kadoglu, secretly a worshipper of Arik discovers the ruins of the Golden Palace. (Ilker Kadoglu replaces Catharandamus in B3 if you want to run both versions of the module).

AC1005-1010 Wrath of the Immortals
There are brief skirmishes between Glantrian and Hulean forces in the vicinity of Gullavia.
The Baron of Gullavia provides early warning to the Glantrians of the approaching Hulean hordes and then cooperates with the Huleans when they arrive.

After the war the Princes of Glantri recognise that he aided Glantri as much as he could and let the Baron retain power. In the near future the Baron dies and is succeeded by his young son. The new baron is smitten with D'hmis, falls in love with her, and marries her. Unfortunately for him, D'hmis turns out to be an evil necromancer who uses her arts to murder him and take over as baroness. Over the next several centuries she gradually draws her realm into closer relations with Glantri and is eventually awarded the title "Baroness of Gullavia" with the associated rights to vote in Parliament.


Map locations:

Gulluvia (Capital, population 2000)
This is the capital of Gulluvia. It is ruled by Baroness D’hmis.

Dead Mule (Town, population 1000)
A town of miners. It is occupied by soldiers of Gulluvia.

Dwarven Ruins
This is an abandoned mine, constructed by dwarves during the Gold Rush.

Thorold (Village, population 500)
A village specialising in horse breeding. The mayor is a distant cousin of D’hmis.

N’Sau (Village, population 400)
A small farming village untouched by the rule of D’hmis.

Mere (Village, population 100)
A tiny village mainly populated by Halflings.

Velders (village, population 300)
This is the main trading post for trade between Gulluvia and Glantri. It is under the protection of Gulluvia, but is suffering from heavy raids by nearby humanoids, preventing much trade from actually taking place.

Misty Swamp
No one knows what is at the centre of this misty swamp. Some say the magical mists hide the tall dark tower of a mage. D’hmis stays clear of the swamp so it is unlikely that this mage is allied with her.

Thunder Mountains
These hills are surrounded by thundery clouds. A wizardess supposedly lives in these hills and it is believed that she is the one who keeps the storms alive.

Abaddon Wastes (Not marked on map)
This region, forming the southern and eastern borders of the Plateau used to be dominated by forest. It is now a land inhabited by evil creatures. It is also in this region that the Sandfolk dwell.

Moorfowl Mountains
These horrid looking hills have been strip mined. A local moss growing here supposedly has healing properties. The lands north and east of these mountains are Oghriz lands. The Oghriz live near the oil pits there and call their land Sol-Klor.