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Averyx, Investigator for the Sphere of Time

by Cab Davidson

(Xyrev, Eloy, The Gargoyle)

Game Statitstics: Eternal, Sphere of Time, 29th level Immortal. AC -24, hp 700, HD 43, Mv 300(100), #At 4 D4d6+12 or by weapon, AM 80%, Save IM29, AL CG, Str 50, Int 90, Wis 90, Dex 58, Con 40, Cha 63 Powers: Thief Abilities, Weapon Mastery (staff, normal sword, longbow), Call other, Increased Movement Rate) Weapons: Staff +5 of Speed, Normal Sword +5 of Slicing, Longbow +5 of Flying

Followers Alignment: Any but evil. Clerics may be of any alignment but evil

Special Clerics Powers: Averyx clerics are able to accurately sense the passage of both time and distance, and are always aware of what time it is, how far any creature or object they can see is from them, how long has passed since any event they remember, and always know the duration of any spell or magical effect cast in their presence.

History: Averyx was born Xyrev, a Cyprian in the distance past on Old Alphatia. Xyrev was disinterested in the elemental magics of his people and instead studied temporal and planar magic, being fascinated with the passage of time varying on different planes. This led him to discover different planar races, many of which perceived time in entirely different ways some linearly, some in reverse, and he studied how they could interact with each other. His dabbling attracted Verthandi, an ancient Heirarch of Time, who sponsored him on the path of Dynast on the distant Alphatian colony of Eloysia. The devotion of Eloysians to magics other than elementalism allowed the colony to survive the war that destroyed Old Alphatia.

Verthandi disappeared almost immediately after Averyx ascended, and in searching for his sponsor Averyx became interested in the many lost immortals, soon becoming the established authority in The Lost. It was this work that led him to discover, floating in space, relics of an ancient war on Mystara, waged between now forgotten immortals on a world very different to the modern one. By the time of the Alphaks War he had been studying Mystara and its strange pantheons for some time, and following the destruction of Old Alphatia it was Averyx who persuaded the other Alphatian immortals to lead survivors to Mystara.

Having again become interested in his own people it was he who encouraged them to conquer and spread on Mystara. He became the patron of Alphatian expansionism, and is to this day still widely followed in the colonies. His passion remains discovering the tales and lives of lost immortals.

Personality: Averyx is an inquisitive nuisance. He is happier with questions than with answers, and is forever questing for more information. His artifacts are all synonymous with the quest for knowledge of what has been and what is to come. He is disinterested in combat but lives for a good argument.

Allies: Alphatia, Palatarken, Koryis and Razud are his closest allies in practical matters concerning the Alphatians, but he considers them to be rather too passive. He and Korutiku are (inexplicably) close friends, and he and Vanya treat each other with a grudging respect that is as close to allegiance as animosity.

Enemies: Alphaks remains his chief enemy, although any who intrude on the fringes of the Alphatian Empire tend to incur his ire.

Appearance: Averyx manifests either as a mail clad, bearded priest carrying a staff, or in the same form but dressed as a kindly looking scholar. His most common alternative manifestation is reminiscent of a large gargoyle, the form of an outer plane race that he has long protected and used as servitors.

Symbol: A gargoyle, sat as if deep in thought.