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The cursed province of Avonleigh

by Robin

This map is my personal idea of placing the TSR 9494 AD&D Ravenloft Audio Adventure "Light in the Belfry" placed in the D&D world of Mystara and then particularly within the Republic of Darokin. The map was made after the map supplied in the adventure, but in the D&D hex style.. some details were added to suit the surrounding, and enable a base for the barony

One important remark... The map is tilted, the North is pointed towards the upper left corner.
This was done, as the original map and the placement in Darokin had to fit.
(see the small map inset)

And for those questioning the name of the Baron...This was origially the PC (Wallace Willoughby) in our game group who saved the maiden in this adventure and was given the land as a thankyou. This was in 1007AC, when Avonleigh became part of the normal world again, when the walls of fog lifted. With the demise of the Great Canolbarth, his rule was shortlived, as the undead, refugees, instability, fleeing elves , roaming monsters were too much for him. He soon hereafter chasnged his alliegence from the Church of Karameikos, to the Church of Darokin.