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Alternate ending to WotI

by Håvard

Well, it is hard to change the ending without somehow altering the whole framework of WotI.

One of the things I don't like, is how Rad is portrayed in many ways like a villain. Even though his justification for his actions is "in the name of knowledge", he doesn't win much sympathy from me when he eventually is responsible for so much of the destruction. My problem with this is that I have always considered Rad one of the good guys.

Here is an idea. What if the Entropics get more involved in the war between Glantri and Alphatia? In the beginning, the Alphatians are being stirred by Ixion (through his ally, the immortal Alphatia) to go to war against Glantri. However, as the war progresses, the Alphatians become more desperate. Fighting Glantri shouldn't be much of a problem, but when faced with Thyatis and Heldann as well, it is a bit more than the Ancient Empire expected. The Alphatians turn to demonic forces for help.

Eventually, demons are set lose in Glantri. Rad is terrified. He hides in the Radiance Cave, trying to find some way to stop the destruction of his beloved country. He rushes to complete the Doomsday device. Ixion, who has been monitoring the Radiance since his confrontation with Rad, years earlier, realises what Rad is up to. As the PCs sent by Benekander arrive in the Cave, Ixion appears and tries to reason with Rad.

Ixion: "Etienne, this is getting out of hand. Our conflict was foolish, but this is no way to stop it.
Rad: "No! Look at what is happening in the streets outside. This evil must be stopped!"
Ixion: "There are other ways."
Rad (sad): "It is too late, mon ami." He rushes back to the controls of the Radiance and begins chanting.
Ixion: "Then I have no choice but to cast you out from immortal society. You no longer have the protection of the Sphere of Energy."

As soon as he has finished the sentence, a pack of powerful demons enter the cave. They know now, that Rad can be killed, now that he is an outcast.

"No!" Rad cries. In desperation, he activates the device. The Radiance begins to glow. There is a bright flash. When you regain your sight, the demons lay dead on the ground. But Rad is also gone.

Note: The Doomsday device has been activated. It was that, and not an old one who drained Rad of his power. Afterwards, Ixion will make the speech originally made by the Old One, about how perhaps Rad had had the right idea after all, and how he in his pride had allowed the chaos that followed their personal dispute.

This makes both immortals seem a bit wiser and makes the story more sad that just stupid. Also, it makes the Entropics more nasty, a role that I'm sure they are more than happy to fill.