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Ayskudag and Castle of Yanidir

by Bruce Heard

There also there appears to be a town north of the Great escarpment could I have information on this town

More unfinished business.

I presume the city you are asking about is the dot appearing on the uploaded map, just north of what would be the Eastern City States. It's hard to tell at that scale. The uploaded map uses a scale of 24 miles per hex. If I refer to the map that originally covered this region in DRAGON(R) Magazine (8 miles per hex), it should be Castle Yanidir & the City of Ayskudag. They actually sit on a river which does not appear on the larger scale map, the Kaman River. The latter runs close to the border between Hule and a wilderness region filled with goblins. One needs to sail up the river for 16 miles before reaching the city. Castle Yanidir controls the river's mouth.

Goblins frequently raid the farms surrounding Ayskudag and caravans travelling near the border. Rumor has it that wealthy traders from Zvornik and Zagora are paying the goblins to harass the Hulean military and Hulean merchant caravans. People in these two city states fear possible invasion plans from Great Hule, and use the goblins as a delaying tactic.