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Azcans (Empire of the)

Location: Northwest Iciria, east of the Northern Atlass Ocean, north of the World Spine Mountains, west of the Malpheggi Swamps. HW

Area: 728,847 sq. mi. (1,887,715 sq. km.). This does not reflect the severe loss of lands to the Schattenalfen, which the Azcans refuse to acknowledge.

Population: 3,030,000 including Chitlacan (pop. 202,000, including 10,000 nobles and 30,000 commoners on the island part), Huitlaktima (pop. 45,500), innumerable towns and villages.

Languages: Oltec, Neathar.

Coinage: None (barter only).

Taxes: Corvée labour and levies of in-kind produce.

Government Type: Theocratic monarchy.

Industries: Agriculture, especially beans, corn, and peppers.

Important Figures: Otziltipac (Tlatoani), Malinalxoch (Ometochtzin).

Flora and Fauna: Predominantly what is found in tropical and sub-tropical rainforest; dinosaurs, monkeys, swine, snakes (including the Azcan winged viper and feathered serpent), tropical birds of many varieties, and great cats (especially the jaguar).

Further Reading: Hollow World boxed set, HWR 1 Sons of Azca, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: The quick advance of the Schattenalfen following the Azcan civil and the brief disappearance of the Red Sun came to a halt, with the elves occupying a good part of Azcan territories. The Merry Pirates used the Azcans' turmoil to conduct raids, the latest one in Colima.