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B10 Map for Players

by Isa Bilal

***B10 SPOILER***

Seeing as we have been lauding the excellent module Night's Dark Terror (B10) recently, I thought I would share with you a map I created for my players. This was to make it easier for them to refer to places they have learnt about, as well as offer teasers for places they haven't; I thought they needed a good reason to go traipsing around the non-plot related area rather than marching blind based on the odd rumour here and there.

As for where they got it, I had Loshad hand it over by way of offering the location of Xitaqa, explaining it was found on the dead remains of a goblin. It was well received by the players, who were finding it hard to mentally visualise and juggle the enormity of options this module has to offer. Maybe it can be of some help to your B10 playing groups also.