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B1 In Search of the Unknown 5th Edition Redevelopment

by Sean Meaney

The New Module Cover

Welcome to the redevelopment thread for B1 In Search of the Unknown. First off the Cover & Art: I went with this for a reason. Once you strip it off the map it is little more than a main corridor off which the diverse assorted rooms branch. There are a few points where the main corridor passes through a room meaning that encounter must happen before the PCs can venture further into the Dungeon. So a nice big tunnel that is so big you cant see the ceiling because it is further than even the radius of a light spell. This means 'things' can crawl about up there unseen.

The Cover Art

The image was hand drawn and then coloured and contrasted into submission...

The Network Map

As you can see, the Adventure really becomes a long subterranean tunnel with only a few encounters that must be passed through if you intend to venture to the far end which is a one-way door into woods up against a rock cliff face.

A Place to Start: The Bloody Stump Tavern

So here is the Bloody Stump Tavern - Its is a small roadside Tavern owned by 'Bob' for want of a fully fleshed out NPC. He provides ale and a stew which he cooks. So tonights stew is a little off so the PCs must conduct a constitution check or feel the need to use his toilet facilities out back. Having failed the constitution check you stumble out back past the patrons peeing into a trough and open the door to the 'Throne room'. Unfortunatly a sink hole has swallowed the Toilet and have dropped with an unfortunate patron during the evening dropping down some hundred feet to the floor of a huge subterranean tunnel below.

Location 1: The Statues of Forgotten Heroes

So you descend down some hundred feet...

Description: These two statues sit at either side of the Tunnel. The one to the left is a Warrior and the one to the right is aparently a wizard. They are almost fifty feet high - carved from the natural stone. It is hard to think that these should even be here. You cant even see the light of the world you left behind far above you and can barely see the features of these collossal figures. You've never seen statues this big before. Who Carved them? Who are they? Right now the Answers ellude you. Just beyond the Statues a body, recently dead, its bones shattered as though it had fallen from a great height. A Patron who fell through the sink hole from the Tavern far above.

DM Briefing: Anyone investigating the hollow between the feet of the wizard is surprised by a tiny Poisonous Spider (1hp) Poison (DC20; Die). There is also a Nest with three more such spiders up behind the Wizard's Hat if anyone is foolish enough to climb up there.

What does this all mean? Well here we are in a tunnel with two directions to explore in...north or south.

Area 11: The Bandit's Storehouse

To one side of the tunnel a small cave is filled with barrels...

Description: This cave off the main tunnel is being used to store 60 barrels, all well stacked. Obviously some one has hidden them here for a reason.

DM Briefing: Bandits have stashed these barrels here. In all likelyhood there is a surface exit near by -no one would carry that many barrels very far. The Barrels could be anything - it is up to the DM. A Poisonous Snake lives here amongst the barrels.

Area 19: The Personal Transport Shuttle

Description: This strange structure seems to have become lodged in the walls of the tunnel - the molten rock trapping it. It seems to be a metal artefact. There is a ramp leading up to a heavy double doors at one end but there is also a series of foot holds up a support allowing access to the top.

DM Briefing: The Spacecraft is ancient - yet it seems indestructable. It has at some point become a home to others who excavated part of it to gain access. The Main Doors will need to be pryed open by a Strength total of 50. The Roof of it has three access hatches - each of which have emergency releases allowing them to be opened by a Strength total of 15.

Within the Ship

Shuttle Internal Area Map Key

23 - Storage
24 - Reactor Room (Private Quarters of Rohgan's Mistress)
25 - Utility Area (Private Quarters of Roghan)
26 - Medical Bay
27 - Flight Deck (looks like a Throne Room)
28 - Crew Quarters (recently serving as a Chapel with a Statue of a Demonic looking Alien with three eyes)
29 - Passenger Quarters (Captain of the Guard lived here)
30 - Inner Airlock
38 - Cargo Deck/Outer Airlock

Description: Within this strange structure is a flickering light source that struggles to illuminate every chamber and hallway. The Walls, floors, ceilings and artefacts within are some sort of metal.

DM Briefing: The Power is still on though the lights now flicker - the batteries are almost drained. The Power crystals in the reactor if removed will cause mutations in anyone exposed to it for more than a day. They look like a thousand gold piece gemstone - The DM is encouraged to get creative: green skin, three eyes, Rapid hair Growth, Bald, Glowing Eyes,...)