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Adaptations to B1 - Info on NPCs

by Jenni A. M. Merrifield

This is the 4th of 4 messages regarding my personal adaptations to Module B1 - In Search of The Unknown. Enjoy!

This message contains statistical and other details on the three NPCs that my PC's interact with when dealing with "House Ashbridge" Dealers in Arts and Antiquities. Note that while I play OD&D, one 'house rule' I use is the addition of the 1st Ed AD&D Comeliness Stat. This should give you a vague idea of how 'beautiful' these individuals are vs. how 'commanding a presence' they have, which is what Charisma stands for in my campaign.

Merith (Melissa) "the Fair" Ashbridge:

Str 16, Int 13, Wis 13, Dex 15, Con 11, Cha 17, Com 16

43yrs old, 5'5", grey hair with streaks of dark blonde still showing, crystal blue eyes. Looks like a mother who can be strict when necessary, but usually gives her children sweets. Despite her age she is still very fit and very attractive and quite persuasive.

Languages: Darokinian, Thyatian, Elven.

Bargaining (+1) (Ch),
Blind Shooting (Dx),
Craft: Bowyer (In),
Craft: Fletcher (+1) (In),
Art: Poetry (Wi),
Singing (+1) ((Ch + Cm)/2).

Weapon Proficiencies:
Long Bow (EX),
Normal Sword (EX),
Staff (SK),
Javelin (SK)

Armour: (worn and carried when she feels it is appropriate)
Chain mail,
Round Shield

Shirt of +2 chain mail

Jorn Ashbridge:

Str 10(12), Int 18, Wis 13, Dex 11(12), Con 9, Cha 13(14), Com 17

19yrs old, 5'9", straw blonde hair, piercing blue eyes. Family resemblance to Merith (he is her son) is apparent when they are next to each other. Very smart, very attractive and persuasive young man but he looks very, very frail. Likes to talk, (when given permission by Melissa or Erig) but knows when to keep his council. Rarely goes anywhere without his mother or Erig along.

Languages: Darokinian, Thyatian, Elven, Hin, Drako (Dragon) (self taught. pronunciation is terrible).

Alchemy (In),
Singing ((Ch + Cm)/2),
Art: Painting (Wi),
Healing (In).

Weapon Proficiencies:
Staff (SK),
Sling (BS).

Armour: None

"Hero's Ring" (+2 to Strength, +1 to Dexterity, +1 to Charisma while worn)

Spells Known:
Detect Magic,
Magic Missile,
Read Magic,
Magic Missile.
Continual Light,
Mirror Image,
Wizard Lock

Spells Memorised:
On a Journey: Shield, Magic Missile, Invisibility, Mirror Image. Otherwise: Analyse, Detect Magic, Continual Light, Knock

Erok (Erig) "the Brave" Toras:

Str 17, Int 16, Wis 15, Dex 13, Con 14, Cha 11, Com 13

60yrs old, 5'11", salt and pepper hair, deep brown eyes. Looks like a stern grandfather type. Hard, outdoor work has given him strong muscles and sun weathered hands and face. Moderate attractiveness, (reasonable for his age). Isn't prone to talking.

Languages: Darokinian, Thyatian, Orc, Kobold.

Wrestling (+1) (St),
Intimidation (+1) (St),
Danger Sense (+1) (Wi),
Military Tactics (+2) (In),
Endurance (+2) (Cn).

Weapon Proficiencies:
Battle Axe(SK),
Bastard Sword (MS),
Heavy Crossbow(BS),
Javelin (EX),
Dagger (BS)

Armour: (usually worn)
Banded Mail

Suit of +2 banded mail