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Aftermath: Castle Caldwell and Beyond

by Aoz

B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond
or Solving Problems and Creating Conflicts
or even better Aftermath: Castle Caldwell and Beyond
[Even adding my "protagonist" to the story] and making more problems.


A thought came to me long ago. What happens if a Powerful Cleric or creature came through after the PCs and revived, reanimated, or reincarnated all the main "villains" ? [Maybe a few of second string "bad guys" too]
--That was the inspiration for this idea.--

Croaking Fiend [ My protagonist: Mr Green or Lord Green and mortal ID -self polymorph: Vaughan]
Mr Green or Lord Green
A.K.A. The Toad

or in Human form: along with dozens of temporary forms [Polymorph Self].


Was a mortal up until a few years ago. For time period and ascension to fiend let us place the time around 996 AC [For a general reference].
He grow up in a run down small hamlet in a run down cottage [His parents were local adventurers] His parents disappeared adventuring for the Mayor of the hamlet when he was young. For about a year after after his parents the villagers were nice then everyone turned on him. The hamlet had a bad winter and he had to steal food to survive. When he was caught the Mayor beat him and expelled him with public shaming then was driven away by stoning [Villagers all joined in].

He was near death unfortunately a group of hags found him and gave him food [and shelter]. He was enslaved [charmed] by them for over 3 years. The coven became bored with him, enslaved an adventuring dwarf, he would have been eaten [But the dwarf's party showed up] and he just run till he collapsed [was able to make it to a city]. He joined a small "gang" [minor thief guild] just to steal to survive. Then was hired by a Wizardess after successful stealing a gem from her purse [She was impressed. If She didn't have locate object he would have gotten away with it].

When he was offered a job at double normal "elite soldier's" pay plus bonuses. He happily accepted and was trained with 7 others. Each guarded a different level in the Wizardess underground dungeons. Together with the Wizardess built a Golden Dungeon of Death.

He did make many new friends even with the inhuman monsters. Even catch another thief trying to steal a hidden treasure on his floor . In his last year, he did go on a few quests for the his Mistress and gather rare components for magic item creation [plus rare inks: scrolls and spell book]

He was on a normal patrol of his level and saw a heavily armor group of knights and clerics [from the way they were dressed]. He first alerted his Mistress, then sent off message to other floor guardians and then blow a whistle ["monsters went to high alert"]. However, the intruders detected him. Some magic user or an elf tried casting a spell at him but it trigger a spell the Mistress placed on him and that being was hit with a lightning bolt [killing that person and enraging the group].

He used every trick and misdirection he could. His monster allies slowed the group but where killed for their efforts [Felt terrible about it]. He finally lead the intruders into a room and sealed them and him in that room. The battle was one sided, the group, stomped on him but he kept saying don't dispel the Mistresses "Heart". He laid there between life and death then it happened a "apprentice" of one of the intruders cast dispel on the stone[Heart]. He looked into the main knight's eyes and said with a bloody grin, "Got You!!"

The Knight went to say something but the room instantly filled with hot liquid gold. Three of the intruders touched their rings and were gone. A fourth touched her ring then cursed [as nothing happened] and died along with over dozen other in a golden river [I smiled to myself as my body dissolved into a golden pool].

He just arrived in limbo when a voice sounded in his head, "So, you helped build the Golden Dungeon [Was a team effort], caught the silent ghost[Was that the thief?], helped free two of my powerful servants [was just collecting components that day], corrupted a dragon to entropy [just introduced a young dragon he meet to the Mistress], help build a artifact that creates spellcasting undead [he just got some of the items & his Mistress did all the work] and Now, by the Vortex!!! You killed a Noble Elf [the MU killed by lightning], defeated a well funded crusader party even through your experience was less [T15 and well, I did say not to dispel the stone] and even was able to kill a candidate for Immortality [Found out later that: "the candidate's ring was still recharging and could not recall"]. How would you like a job, my friend? [Sure] I think you will make a great Croaking Fiend. [A what?] My friend, You get a new ageless body. Yes, you may look like a frog man [Um....]; however, you can walk the Mystara and other worlds plus cast magic equal to the highest level mortals in...[Yes, I accept, YEs, I agree, YES, Where do I sign...] My friend, you made an excellent choice this day. I have big plans for you [Um... who are you]. You, my fiend, can call me Masauwu."

Masauwu gives him a few mission but he also gives him a lot of free time. The fiend has a free hand to do what he wants (Masauwu believes he has the right stuff). Remembering to be on look out of future Entropy candidate and expanding the influence of the Sphere. Masauwu has asked him to stay away from his old Mistress for the time being (She is on her own path). He owes Masauwu a great debt of gratitude and is still amazed he was selected for this Honor [He knows he is a tool for the Immortal and is fine with that].

With his free time he went back to his home town. With the powers, he gained, found out his parents were killed by the Mayor and a some of the towns folk. [His parents had found a minor treasure horde] The foolish Mayor and his followers didn't know the treasure was only a small portion of a sunken treasure [That was recently recovered].

He recently came into a sizable fortune from a certain hamlet and a hag coven that experienced a tragic disaster that wiped both off the face off Mystara. He freed a recently enslaved dwarf from the hags [The Dwarf is an amazing craftsman and the Coven was using him for his ability]. He stayed with the Dwarf until they got to a nearby town. He gave the Dwarf some coins and the Dwarf went back to Rockhome [The Dwarf said to stop by anytime. Strong Ally (will never believe anything bad about his "liberator")] . He discovered his "old" gang was crushed by a rival guild. He is considering sponsoring his own Thieves Guild in Theshold [mostly to gather information].

Masauwu is pleased with Mr Green's progression and eagerly waits to see what the young fiend will do next.

[I may go overboard with back stories of NPC.]


B9: Castle Caldwell and Beyond

Welcome to Mystara: Castle Caldwell on youtube by Mr. Welch [For review of Castle Caldwell and Beyond]

Mystara Module and Placement on Vaults of Pandius by Andrew Theisen

by Andrew Theisen
"B9: Castle Caldwell and Beyond
Location: A) The Clearing of Castle Caldwell and B) Dungeons of Terror: Antilles Castle, five miles west of Threshold, Karameikos
C) The Great Escape: Black Eagle Barony, Karameikos (ok)
D) Elwyn's Sanctuary: Near Threshold, Karameikos (In the woods)
E) The Abduction of Princess Sylvia: No suggestion (In the Hills?)
Location Notes: B1-9 provides the suggestions for the locations of these mini-modules.
Time Period: If using the suggested locations from B1-9, then A) and B) must take place between 1000 and 1011 AC, as Clifton Caldwell dies in 1011 AC. C) must take place between 970 AC and 1010 AC, as the Black Eagle is deposed in 1010 AC.
Staging Suggestions: The mini-adventures can easily be dropped into just about any setting with no changes necessary. The exception would be E), due to it being situated in a kingdom (changes to names and/or titles might be necessary to utilise this adventure). Note that in the original module, some names have been changed in D), and the introduction featuring warring kingdoms from C) doesn't quite match the suggested location of Karameikos.
Continuity Problems: See above.
References: B1-9 (p.5, 23, 30), PWA1012 (p.112)"

Replica map of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, 6 miles per hex from X10 from [General Map]

Detailed Map of area from by Simone Neri

The Baron's Favor From by Robert Nuttman [For an area referance]


Castle Caldwell


Dungeons of Terror

Clifton Caldwell a successful merchant [Castle Caldwell and Dungeon]
-Over paid for the castle because he always wanted one.
[See above as Clifton Caldwell dies in 1011 AC]
-Clifton Caldwell [Depending on timeline: Convert or Raise Dead and then turn undead- Vampire]
-Doppleganger [Raise Dead Fully]***
-Female Acolyte C1 [+2 levels and Reincarnation]

**Castle will make a wonderful base to train at, merchant route and lure adventures to their end.

***[The Toad] Is working to train the Doppleganger to take over a dominion when the time is right. As either, Lady Sylvia or Lord Frederick in the future at add to the confusion in the area [Oliver and the Prime Minster will take full advantage of the situation.

The Abduction of Princess [Lady] Sylvia

Fortress of Oliver of Hom

Need to change Princess Sylvia to Lady Sylvia [Noble House] and Lord Frederick [Noble House] but that shouldn't effect aftermath.
-Lady Sylvia will be marrying Lord Frederick [another dominion].
- Hideout, made in a hill in a distant corner of the dominion [Lady Sylvia] "I would place the Hill near the River for the Lizard man."
-Oliver hired by Prime Minister of Lord Frederick's dominion. Aftermath could create future questlines: Prime Minster would be a major pain [at least for the PCs].
-Abducted by a group led by Oliver of Hom human male MU4 [Raise Dead, +1 level and inflicted with Lycanthropy: What type would you select for Oliver]
1: shield, sleep, read magic and comprehend language plus 2nd: phantasmal force , web & invisibility.
--Lizard man: Undead and animated objects

**May try to Kidnap Lady Sylvia again. However, better path would be to wage a battle against Lord Frederick's and Lady Sylvia's dominions. Oliver will cause conflict while the Prime Minster makes a killing selling to both sides [Gaining favors and allies as the War drags on. His long term goal is to take over Lord Frederick's dominion].


The Sanctuary of Elwyn the Ardent

-Elwyn Human female C6 Plate, shield, and mace [+1 level and Reincarnation?] Or if unwilling replace with another "Elwyn" inhuman C7 in service to Masauwu and Toad [Lord Green]

-(6) Human Acolytes C1 [+1 level and Reincarnation]
-Young black dragon HD. 7 [Raise Dead Fully and unchained]

**Build a Temple of the Toad
The New Elwyn will follow the teachings of the Toad
Will offer "free" healing for "members" only and Toad Cult is founded.

For right now: the Toad Cult will preach free healing, equal rights for all [Human, Toads, Fiends even Undead], confession to the Toad [gather information], and adapt to survive.


Threshold Thief Guild or Information Brokers
"Toads of the Hold"

Members: 42 (6 officers) 20% fighter 79% rogue and 1% other
Average Level: currently 1-3 with officers 4-6
Guild master: Vaughan [Human: Polymorph Self]
Members pay: Clothing, Food and Shelter along with 10 gold pieces per month [a share of gold made from information sale] Officers make 20 gold pieces per month plus a extra share off information sold.
The members don't act like a normal thief guild as they just collect information [may even get a part time job or go get a meal at a Upper Class Inn just to gather intelligence]. A few members from other guilds will come into guild, mostly to spy, and realize its easy money [at least from them].

**Goal: Gather information, be on lookout for future talent and sabotage efforts of his [& Masauwu] enemies.




Feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas.

Even without adding a Croaking Fiend that still leaves 3 sites open new tenants or the PCs.

Castle Caldwell


Dungeons of Terror

Clifton Caldwell a successful merchant [Castle Caldwell and Dungeon]
-Over paid for the castle because he always wanted one.
[Clifton Caldwell dies in 1011 AC]

*Very nice Castle that even comes with a dungeon.*


Fortress of Oliver of Hom

*Hideout, made in a hill in a distant corner of the dominion of Lady Sylvia. I would place the Hill near the River for the Lizard man.*

*An amazing Fortress built into the Hills. Ready for PCs or some Dwarven NPCs.*


The Sanctuary of Elwyn the Ardent

*A perfect Sanctuary and temple for any PC or NPC priest*


So, many places for the PCs or a new encounter to move into.