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Eligible Bachelors and Heiresses

Joam Astlar, Sheriff of Seashire: Joam was appointed Sheriff of Seashire in AC 1012. Before that, he was a knight-hero of the Five Shires, rushing into danger to save those who needed help. Joam has amazing courtly manners and is wonderfully skilled at singing, dancing, and party games.

Friends say that Joam is looking for a woman who is not cut up in the "time-frittering clack of the small-minded" of politics, and would rather have someone who is more interested in riding, travelling, and enjoying life.

Luciana Carnelius, Thyatian Senator: Luciana, a lovely woman in her mid-thirties, has decided that it is time to start her own family. She is known throughout Thyatis City for her many works to improve the lot of the poor citizen and prevent the rich from controlling their lives.

Anyone interested should be a good diplomat, care for the downtrodden, and also be good in financial planning. Such a male must also be able to conduct himself in high- classed gatherings and social events. A love of children and the desire to have them is also a requirement.

LaVeron Chonere, Master of Illusions at the Great School of Magic: LaVeron is a bright and intelligent sorceress who enjoys jokes and illusions. Her exact appearance is unknown, as it tends to change week to week.

Any suitor should be a capable mage in his own right, and must be very good at playing mind games. The love of research is recommended, and the ability to survive the politics of Glantri is also a must.

King Everast XVI, King of Rockhome: Born Bofin, son of Bifin, Everast XVI inherited the throne of Rockhome when his father died during the Challenge of the Kings in AC 1012. Bofin is a sombre dwarf who grew up in a military life.

To find her way into the King's heart, this female dwarf must be intelligent, courageous, always there when he needs her, and patient enough to be his friend for years in the absence of any sort of encouragement, as is the typical dwarven way.

Valen Karameikos, Prince of Karameikos: Prince Valen is a clever young man who even managed to lose his parents' agents during his Shearing ceremony. Valen loves new toys, particularly beautiful or magical ones. Now that he knows he is not the named heir to the throne, Valen often talks of leaving the court life altogether to continue adventuring.

The perfect young woman for Valen must be someone who can continuously surprise him with something new. She must also be strong and intelligent, with a wit capable of matching his. If she is capable of following the young Prince on his adventures, all the better.

Devan Linton, Darokinian merchant: Devan Linton is next in line to inherit the Linton House of Darokin, one of the great merchant houses of Darokin. Devan Linton is personally in charge of his own trade ship, which he often uses to travel abroad in the Sea of Dread and the New Alphatian Sea.

Devan's ideal mate must love the sea as much as he does, and also have a shrewd mind for business and trade. She must also be able to accept the responsibility of managing House Linton when the title of house ruler is finally passed down to Devan.

Anita Nantais, LB Trading Company merchant: Anita is one of the high placed merchants of the LB Trading Company based in Cimarron County on the Savage Coast. She is only in her early twenties, which marks her as extraordinary for such a successful merchant.

This lovely woman is looking for a roguish swashbuckler with a sense of adventure as well as a knack for business. He must be at home on a ship, and not afraid of dealing with members of other races.