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Bachiphix, Patron of the Persistent

by Mischa E Gelman

Sphere: Energy

Rank: Initiate

History: Bachiphix was born in 965 AC in a small Hutaakan village in the Hollow World. She didn't aspire for much but wasn't complacent either. She started to wander the world, eventually meeting up with an odd group of adventurers, including a number of rebels against the Azcan Empire far from her home. Recognising the wrongness of the ways of the Azcans she joined in with this motley band (already posted from this group were several other immortals, Grunnhild, Tlazcon and Golorius). They achieved some success in their travels, especially against their principal enemy, slaying several of the Emperor's sons. Many of her friends and allies went on their own ways with time though - after defeating the Carnifex scourge many opted for immortality, leaving only Antalian Grunnhild and the Azcan Tlachzanoca along with Bachi. The former returned to her arctic homelands to try to mend the repressive gender roles of her peoples while the latter seemed to vanish after having been the principal leader of the rebellion for many years. Bachiphix decided to return home like Grunnhild had done.

Finding her home village in a minor conflict with their neighbours, and not wishing to see violence among the Hutaakan, she offered an intriguing choice -- to move. She led her villagers southeast through Nithian lands, eventually settling in the territory south of Nithia and establishing a small Hutaakan community there. Throughout the trip, they faced many small obstacles but each was overcome through persistence, perseverance and patience.

After having successfully settled her peoples there, she decided to try to rejoin her companions in immortality, thinking she could succeed if she just didn't give up. Such an attitude was always the central one in her life, as she was not blessed with great physical or mental abilities but possessed a will to triumph over obstacles. She petitioned Pflarr, who decided to give the chance to this descendant of his creations.

The path itself was anything but easy. She had already transformed the land south of Nithia with her Hutaakan settlement in the former wilderness and had trained some of those settlers to reach high levels of success. She needed to find the Axe of Flame though and to make an object that would bring wolves into being. She did some research throughout the Hollow World, having a great boost when she found the Lighthouse. Rumours led her to the Beastman lands and from there she eventually found the path to the Outer World where the Axe was left. Lost among the wonders and peoples of those lands it took her some time to track the Axe to Vulcania where she had to wrest it from the hands of a Fire Giant community which thought it a gift from their deities. She overcame these stronger, tougher opponents by utilising the sword skill she had learned over the years as well as some hit-and-run tactics.

The wolf-creation item was much more difficult. She researched in Glantri, Alphatia, Thyatis, Norwold, the Lighthouse, Nithia and finally discovered the ingredients that may make such an item in powder form. Again she had to exert great patience, energy and time to complete the quest to find these ingredients. She found a Gargantuan Dire Wolf in the wastes of Norwold that provided her with the final ingredient and spent all her worldly acquirements except a few weapons and the armour she wore in order to pay for the necessary alchemical work to create the Powder of the Wolf. Once this was completed at age 60 in 1025 AC Pflarr rose Bachiphix to immortality where she once again committed herself to the Hutaakans and to a steadied rise through persistent effort.

Followers: None currently. She may become an immortal of the Hutaakan pantheon in future years if she has gained enough power to become a true force.

Allies: Pflarr. While their philosophies are not identical, Pflarr is extremely proud one of his peoples has risen to great success. To him, Bachiphix's rise is proof that the Hutaakans are wondrous creation. She has some contact with her former adventurer friends who have attained immortality but they are often busy with their own projects and plans.

Enemies: None yet. Perhaps she will acquire some once she has become a problem to be reckoned with.

Symbol: Winding trail that symbolises the long and constantly shifting path through life that can be followed if one simply remains persistent.

Appearance: (Mortal and Immortal Forms) Bachiphix looks like a typical Hutaakan female to outsiders, though Hutaakans would likely view her as unattractive by their standards. She is of normal height and weight and has no truly distinctive features.

Personality: As you may have gathered, Bachiphix is very patient and persistent. She does not give up ever and thinks that if you try and try again it can make up for any other flaws. She looks down on the lazy and idle as a result and to a lesser extent those who achieved their positions through luck of birth. She is proud of the Hutaakan culture but has some regards for the cultures of her companions during mortal life as well. She tries not to take sides in minor debates but will work to stop things she considers a great evil or unbalancing force.

STR 10
INT 11
WIS 12

Greater Talents 23
Lesser Talents 30
Alignment Neutral
HD 15
Class (as mortal) 8th-level Hutaakan
PP 323
HP 23 as mortal, 75 as immortal
AC -4 as mortal (CM+2,Shield+2,RoP+4), 0 as immortal
Weapon (both forms) Grand Master w/ Sword+5, Master w/ Sling
Skills possessed in mortal life: Mysticism (12), Danger Sense (12), Military Tactics (12), Tracking (12), Mountain/Hill Survival (10), Foot Pad Lizard Riding (8), Mountain/Hill Stealth (8), Muscle (10), Endurance (10), Navigation (11)