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The Ballot Stuffers

by John Hare

Is the nick name giving to Kerin's Kampaigners. This group is lead by Kerin, a mage from Glantri. Their specialty... rigging elections and nominations of public officials. This band has had its hand in almost all of the power struggles in Darokin over the last 5 years. The members are a mixed sort of unsavoury individuals and can be considered skirmishers. However they normally are rabble rousers. The use all sorts of dirty tricks to help their client win his position. Sometimes they even succeed. Their tactics range from magical to the mundane, of casting charm spells, suggestions to bribery, blackmail and it is rumoured poisoning, to get their client in place. The amount of effort they put forth depends entirely on the amount of money the client is willing to spend. Several of Kerin's lieutenants are members of the Darokin Thieves Guild, and another is a cleric (some suspect of Loki). Kerin's group has one at least one occasion been hired by both members seeking a position! They have also been known to do jobs for the Merchant Houses in respect to stealing trade documents, waylaying caravan trains and other unsavoury business. While many of the Merchant Families would like to get rid of them entirely, the amount of blackmail information that Kerin has collected is substantial, and could ruin most of the major houses. It is rumoured that one of the devices the Kerin has in his possession is a ring of x-ray vision which he has used to powerful effect to locate safes and the documents inside. The band has never had more than 100 members at any one time. And depending on the season normally fluctuates between 40 to 80 members. Many of this additional personal are lowlife hired on as muscle for some of the more pushy jobs. Of course these low lifes aren't kept appraised of what Kerin has really been hired for, only to say beat up some rich fob who wears a blue cape and green hat.