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Banshee, Lesser

by Valentius

Medium-size Undead (Incorporeal)
Hit Dice: 5d12 (32 hp)
Initiative: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed: fly 30 ft. (perfect)
Armour Class: 15 (+3 Dex, +2 Deflection), touch 15, flat-footed 12
Base Attack/Grapple: +2/-
Attack: None
Full Attack: None
Space/Reach: 5 ft. /5 ft.
Special Attacks: Manifestation, mournful wail
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/magic, darkvision 60ft., turn immunity, undead traits
Saves: Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +7
Abilities: Str -, Dex 16, Con -, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 15
Skills: Bluff +6, Diplomacy +6, Intimidate +10, Listen +9, Spot +9
Feats: Improved Initiative, Iron Will
Environment: Any land, underground
Organisation: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 4
Treasure: None
Alignment: Usually chaotic neutral
Advancement: 6-10 HD (Medium)
Level Adjustment: -

The transparent shape before you is a vaguely humanoid female, except for the blood red eyes and wide mouth.

Lesser banshees are supernatural creatures that haunt a particular family, often to warn a member they are about to die. Frequently, they mourn for that individual after his or her death as well. As a result they may be found in many places of burial.
More rarely they take the form of a deceased ancestor of the family (often the one they are associated with), with many thinking the banshee is a ghost of the person. Needless to say, this results in much confusion for the family, although there is not necessarily any malicious intent on the part of the banshee.
If strangers approach the lesser banshee with caution and non-threateningly, they may be able to converse with the lesser banshee.

A lesser banshee will rarely seek to enter into combat, only being able to inflict damage through her mournful wail. She will use her wail whenever she sees strangers or feels threatened. This wail will continue until she or her opponents are dead, or they have run off. She will attempt to flee to the Ethereal Plane as soon as possible if near destruction.

Manifestation (Su): A lesser banshee dwells on the Ethereal Plane and, as an ethereal creature; it cannot affect or be affected by anything in the material world. When a lesser banshee manifests, it partly enters the Material Plane and becomes incorporeal on the Material Plane. A manifested lesser banshee can pass through solid objects at will. A manifested lesser banshee remains partially on the Ethereal Plane, where is it not incorporeal. A manifested lesser banshee can be attacked by opponents on either the Material Plane or the Ethereal Plane. The lesser banshee's incorporeality helps protect it from foes on the Material Plane, but not from foes on the Ethereal Plane (it is not considered incorporeal on the Ethereal Plane).
A lesser banshee has two home planes, the Material Plane and the Ethereal Plane. It is not considered extraplanar when on either of these planes.

Mournful Wail (Su): A lesser banshee's wail automatically deals 1d4 points of damage to all living creatures within 30 ft each round.

Damage Reduction (Su): A lesser banshee has damage reduction 5/magic.

Turn Immunity (Ex): A lesser banshee cannot be turned, rebuked, commanded or bolstered.

Incorporeal Subtype: Can be harmed only by other incorporeal creatures, +1 or better magic weapons, or magic, with a 50% chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source. Can pass through solid objects at will, and own attacks pass through armour. Always moves silently. Please see the 3.5E Monster Manual for additional information.

Undead Traits: Immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, necromantic effects, and any effect that requires a fortitude save unless it also works on objects. Not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, or death from massive damage. It cannot be raised, and resurrection works only if it is willing. The creature has darkvision 60 ft. unless otherwise noted.