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by Giampaolo Agosta

(This kit is adapted from the Al Qadim Barber kit)

Role: the Barber is a roguish character, who performs his art in the suq of one of the Ylari towns or villages. He serves as a minor physician and surgeon, and has a knowledge of herbal remedies as well. The Barber spends his time hawking his skills, telling long-winded tales, and bargaining with his customers.

Requirements: Barbers are always Rogues. They often show streaks of madness, though this is more an effect of their unconventional mindset (non-Lawful alignment) than of an actual mental disease. They are always charismatic and intelligent (min 10 each).

Class Modifications: Barber Thieves are more apt at decoding maps and reading ancient languages, and at skills which require a firm hand and fast fingers, while they are lacking in those skills used to evade the attention of others, since they actually like to attract it. Therefore, they get a +5% bonus to Read Languages, Find/Remove Traps and Pick Pockets, and a -5% penalty to Move Silently, Hide in Shadows and Climb Walls. Barber Bards have no modifications.
If the DMs allows so, the Barber Thief can take the Detect Illusion skill instead of Move Silently and Hide in Shadows. In this case, however, the Barber Thief has no bonus to the Find/Remove Traps and Pick Pockets skills.

Weapon Proficiencies: Barbers must select the razor as their first weapon proficiency.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: the Barber performs also small surgery and healing, therefore he gets Herbalism for free and must take Healing at the cost of 2 slots. As many other Ylari characters, the Barber is literate, and must take the Reading/Writing proficiency (at the reduced cost of 1 slot, for the Alasiyan script). A Thief Barber must take Local History as well (Bards have it as a class skill). All Barbers have the Fast-Talking proficiency as a bonus proficiency.

Equipment: a Barber needs a stall, or at least a carpet and a portable chair to perform his job, obviously in addition to a barbering kit, including razors.

Special Benefits: Barber Thieves get the Bards' ability to know the origin and purpose of items, though at the reduced rate of 3% per level.

Special Hindrances: due to their concentration on diverse skills, Barber Thieves get less skill points to spend at first level: their allotment is reduced to 50 points.

Starting Wealth: Barbers get the usual funds, and are free to spend them as they wish.