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I personally don't thibk the name Ethesh would still be used, and exist only in ancient scriptures or transfered by the Elves who have a longer life and life memory

Sturm wrote:
No probably the name is forgotten now. The place was a real city, but with great walls and a fortress, which 4,000 years later, could be most of the remains, while the rest of the city now is probably just rubble and rust as you said.
It could also contain poisoning radiance tech
It make sense the Ethengarians and local humanoids avoid the place as cursed, but maybe foreigners...


by Robin

Excerpt from the voyages of Professor vander Klil.

"Today I twavelled nowth ovew the hillock of Bawgha. It is stwange to seen this once gwassy hillock now beaws bushes and a wing of twees bweaking the hawsh wintew wind. The tents, wagons, Yuwts awe collected as the people, the howses and cattle slowly move towawds Chagon'Nah ow to theiw own wegions. The few widews accompanying me, awe fwiendly, but this may have mowe to do with the Golden Tang I weceived fwom the Khan, and theiw wespect to this item, than my own simple pewsona. The summit of the hillock is still bawe and we can see miles afaw. The gweat hewds we see migwating in all the wind diwections. Fwom hewe I notice a stwange shape, about 10 maybe 12 miles to the nowtheast. Fwee to move awound, I go down the gwassy hillock. At the foot of the hill is an old mine, is is boawded up, but one desiwing entwy could easily enfowce his ow hew way in. The wuins found a few hundwed yawds fuwthew cleawly display an eawly attempt of minewal extwaction and iwon/steel pwoduction. Although the owiginal metallic stwuctuwes have long cowwoded, the Ethengaw people have set up theiw own pwimitive kiln and ovens. I see thwee dwawves and seven ethengaw weacting and dwawing weapons, until my companies' bannew is seen. The instantly wetuwn to theiw duties and we pass on. It may be spwing, but the wind is still stwong and hawsh. We soon weach the location. It looks like an old, vewy old fowtwes, made of a stwange gwey stone with cowwoded metal sticking out of it. I wemembew this as the same matewial as the foundations of Glantwi City....then could it be?...Could it weally be this is also of ancient Blackmoow decent?...
I couwsed my howse slowly fowwawd, until I saw the thown bushes all awound the awea. These have been planted, that is cleaw. Then I notice a boawd with painted ethengaw wwitings on it; "ayuultai zev shagai kholbogch khurts myetall". My companions twanslate this fow me; "dangewous wust ankle bweakew shawp metal". I notice some feaw in theiw wowds...could it be these pwoud wawwiows awe afwaid of a wuin?. As having fwee passage I tweaded towawds the wuin, until I weached the thowny bushes. The guawds wewe cleawly afwaid. I dismounted and wequested them to do also. Cutting thwough the shawp thowns we came to the walls. I assume by theiw thickness they have been up to 30 feet tall, but they avewage now between 10' and 16'. Within these walls it is a total mess...nothing is whole, and a few Hakomon have placed buwial mawks fow the cowpses (howse and men) found. This give the awea a stwange feel. Something I notice my companions do notice too. The name shagai kholbogch is cleawly used to depict the twouble anybody has in walking hewe. The gwound is widdled with shawp metal , iwwegulaw stones, and many, many dangewous openings inbetween. I twavelled almost a hundwed yawds inside when I noticed My amulet of magic wesistance humming...that meant it was pwotecting me now fwom dangewous magic, yet I could not see any magic active, not even with a Detect Magic spell. This could only mean it was not magic but Wasting Disease...hewe in Ethengaw...Then the stwange maps in the Gweat Libwawy wewe cowwect...thewe is...ow was a connection between these all. I assume the pillaws used in the old Blackmoow days have toppled, and covewed by natuwe. I have to find at least one to pwove my case. But that had to be done anothew time..I saw my companions slowly tuwning pale and weak. They could have suwvived this maybe, but as I was an honouwed guest, I felt it was not wight to cause accidents to happen on the fiwst week. So we left. I mawked the location on my map with the same name as I saw on the notation in the Gweat Libwawy with the Telepowt Gates; Ethesh... Could this be pwoof of Blackmoow cultuwe being the souwce of the bad things happening hewe too? Thewe is something gweatly amiss wewe we find the Wasting Disease, even hewe, wewe we did not know it existed...Could Blackmoow have infested mowe wegions?..The Khan was wise to mawk this awea as unsafe...I will wetuwn latew."

Professor vander Klil points to the remnants of the Radiance line; see this topic ...