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Bargle’s Forces Attack

by Sean Meaney

AC1009, Kaldmont 22: Bargle’s Forces Attack
Location: The Black Woods, Seven miles west of Threshold.
Description: As all mortal magic fails worldwide, the five hundred mounted fighters (Bargle has been busy over the last ten years) left by Bargle the Infamous in the Black Woods mass-morphed into Trees are freed of their enchantment. They then begin their slow ride toward the Town of Threshold.
As they approach the Town of Threshold, some of the old folks who toil in the surrounding fields abandon their tools and flee at the sight of the army.
As it soon becomes apparent that these horsemen are not the Dukes Knights – despite their bogus Standards and Symbols hostilities quickly escalate, it becomes apparent that their target is not the town of Threshold, rather it is Tarnskeep. More disturbingly the Wizards rushing to the defence of Threshold soon discover they have no magic.

What is going on? The week without magic has begun. Unfortunately this is a disaster for Threshold because back around AC1000, the wizard hid an army of five hundred Fighters and their mounts in the Black Woods using Massmorph. Now that magic has failed those Fighters are able to carry out their instructions to seize Tarnskeep (Baron Sherlane’s Castle). They do so disguised as Soldiers of Duke Stephan Karameikos III.

What the PCs can do: They get to fight an army of Fighters who have seized Tarnskeep and taken the Baron hostage. With Tarnskeep occupied, the PCs can only enter the Castle by the secret underwater entrance in the lake, but only the Baron, Aleena, and an elite few know of the secret under water entrance.